Animal Avatar Journey Starts Sept. 19th!


Our pets get the best of us, our animal companions are sometimes our most unconditionally loving relationships. We feed our pets the best food we can afford. We care for them with all of our heart. We love them, talk to them sweetly and caress them gently.

Our bodies are also animals and more importantly, they carry our Souls.

The contrast between how we treat our pets and how we treat our bodies is profound.

I want you to experience the love that you have for your best friend whenever you think about and consciously interact with your body. 

It really is possible to love yourself so much that you choose the best exercise, clothing, and food in every moment, which doesn’t always mean a salad! This course can be taken as a family to explore together how culture impacts our view of our physical bodies and how to deal with it.

Let’s walk together through an Animal Avatar guided journey where you will meet the mammal who represents your body for this lifetime. This is not a Power or Spirit Animal and we’ll talk more about the differences between those concepts but basically, your Body is identified with a mammal and It communicates with you, when you invite it to,  appearing as this animal. It is the same for your entire lifetime and possibly through all lifetimes. Often your body shape and characteristics will make so much sense to you when viewed this way.

My Animal Avatar appeared in my journey as a male Polar Bear and is quite large. I was surprised it was male but have found over time that he/she appears to me based on the qualities I’m expressing in my life at the time. Male for when I’m in outward action mode, female for when I am more in simmering, receiving, creative mode. I was so surprised! I wasn’t a bear collector and hadn’t thought much about bears other than that they were cute. As I thought about it though my body loves to play in water but not to swim much. I sit on the floor exactly like polar bears do. I am quite independent and spend long periods of time by myself, in fact, I require that! There is much more to the story that I will share when we meet!

Wondering who your Animal Avatar is?

Your belly may stir you to join this group experience if you:

    • are looking at your body with shame, loathing or disgust.
    • avoid touching certain parts of your body.
    • avoid buying clothes (or swimsuits!) because you can’t stand to see yourself in the mirror.
    • your body is aging and it terrifies you.
    • you are spending a fortune on creams, potions, injections, and makeup not because you want to but because you feel compelled to do so by society.
    • you do everything possible to sidestep family photo sessions and selfies are a no-no!

What you may experience during and after your 3-week group journey:

  • the ability to be GROUNDED, CALM and LOVING toward your body.
  • choosing food in communication with the DEEPER KNOWING in your soft animal belly.
  • dressing your body in clothes, shoes, and accessories that are COMFORTABLE and feel GOOD.
  • exercise regularly with JOY in partnership with your Animal Avatar.
  • RECEIVING SUPPORT from other people in a safe, private Facebook group.
  • moving through your day AWARE and in CONTROL of your emotional responses to the outer world through mastering your INNER WORLD.
  • experiencing a RUSH of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in your heart every time you think of your body!
  • relief from food cravings and mindless eating.
  • And best of all the FREEDOM to choose when you wear makeup, how you wear your hair, what, where and when you choose cosmetic procedures if any!


*3 consecutive weekly sessions of live coaching, guided meditations, and processing with a small group of other explorers via teleconference.

*Secret Facebook group for sharing, questions, and processing.

*Skill-building for reconnecting to and staying GROUNDED in your body.

*Chakra Stories playbook so your Animal Avatar can help you explore your own Energy System.

*FREE bonus recording of my Energy Blessing Wheels class which our Animals really love creating!

NOTE: this class is suitable for TEENS!


TIME: 7pm to 9 pm EST
DATES: Sept 19, 26, Oct 3
LOCATION: Your place!
CALL IN: details will be sent after sign up**calls are recorded and extra materials will be added to the Facebook group**

Animal Avatar 3-week Journey