Reclaiming the Temple

You lost touch with your body a long time ago. You feel a yearning to reconnect. People tell you to ground and clear your energy but what does being grounded in and connected to your body mean?

Imagine what it will feel like to reclaim the temple of your body for you and you alone.
Imagine never judging your body negatively again.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re not willing to live the way you have been any longer: numb, confused, drifting along without a sense of purpose but you don’t know how to change.
  • When you wonder why life isn’t working out for you immediately you blame your appearance, your size, shape, or age.
  • You’re so tired of trying and failing to figure out how to stop being drained to exhaustion living in this world as an Empath.
  • People are telling you to get grounded, to ask your body for answers and you don’t know what that means or how to tell if you’re grounded or not.
  • When you think about loving your body you feel a silent yearning but then your Mind chimes in and you forget or, and you might not tell anyone about this, feel a shame-storm of disgust toward your body.
  • You’re having chronic pain which makes being conscious of your body even more challenging.
  • You feel like you don’t really belong on this planet.
  • You work for hours, ignoring signals for food and even ignoring the urge to go pee until it becomes terribly painful!

I know this terrain of struggle and resistance well. I also know it doesn’t have to be this way and that experiencing a connection to your body makes everything else in life easier.

Reclaiming the Temple is a 5-day VIP Intensive for all folx feeling a sense of separation from their precious physical self. This intensive will restore the conscious connection and communication channels with your body. Are you ready to experience how your body responds when you offer it deep reverence and loving respect? This is an opportunity to step into the truest union available to us as humans: that between our Body, Mind, and Soul.

These lost connections due to cultural and family of origin programming and modern-day living are why so many of us experience emotional and physical pain to some degree on a daily basis. This is a very fixable issue.

Without our bodies, we can’t perform our vital work in the world and manifesting clients, lovers, money, and health is a never-ending confusing struggle. We have pain, stiffness, anxiety-like sensations, compulsions to numb out with drugs, alcohol, food, the internet. We wake up in the morning feeling blah and bored. We spin around and around in our thoughts until we’re just sick of hearing ourselves think!

Our home is just a box that holds our stuff. We don’t even think about the land our home is sitting on or how the energies held in the home and land might be influencing us. We can’t remember the last time if ever, we honored the changing seasons or noticed what phase the moon was in.

We’re filled with a hot restlessness. We have so many thoughts and ideas we can’t decide what to do so we do nothing. We sink into overwhelm and go numb or scatter our energy everywhere. We take exquisite care of nourishing everyone else and eat cold leftovers for ourselves while running from task to task. Underneath it all, there is a deep sense of something vital missing which even if we are aware of it we can’t explain or resolve it.

I have a way for you to change all of this with tools to reconnect to your body, your home, and the land you’re on. I can show you what it means to be grounded and learning to be “in” your body.

What you will soon discover is your body is the Wisdomkeeper, your Human Design is your Treasure Map, Forest Reiki is the fuel for easing into transformation, and altogether these create the support needed for a rebirth and the start of you living as a beautifully embodied, fully and authentically expressed, human being.

I provide personalized support and detailed instructions for opening this sacred space. Some days you’ll be exploring on your own and some days we’ll be together face to face. I’ll guide you every step of the way through this intensive and be available via Voxer for questions!

Feeling curious? This is how the process is structured to allow the most magic to unfold gently and naturally:


Before we begin the 5-day intensive you’ll attend two short consultations with two knowledgeable and highly intuitive makers on my team. They will create two specially tailored tools for your journey.

You’ll receive a custom made mini-mala as a talisman and touchstone for the sacred adornment of your body.  This touchstone will remind you of your journey and help you return home to your body again and again.

A custom essential oil blend will be created and charged with Forest Reiki energy. This oil will awaken your imagination, help you remember long forgotten hopes and dreams, soothe your nerve endings, open intuitive skills, and ease the way for transformation in the spaces where Soul meets Body.

When these are on their way to you we will schedule your intensive.


Day 1: You’ll begin this day on your own.

The very first thing you’ll do is listen to a guided opening ceremony. This will declare to all the parts of you that life is changing and you are now willing to experience life’s magic and explore what it means to reclaim your temple over the next few days.

After listening to video instructions you’ll open a sacred conversation between you and your body by going on a unique Animal Avatar Journey.

Following this, I’ll have sent instructions and support for how to create a ritual bath to formally consecrate your body temple with Epsom salt cleansing. During this time you’ll explore talking with your body, finding out what it needs from you and defining what you need from it.

You’ll end this first day with an essential oil anointing ritual before bed and setting an intention to receive guidance and communication through your dreams.  

Day 2: Today you’ll continue playing and exploring on your own. After watching this day’s video message you’ll connect even more deeply to your body and the sacred space of the surrounding land through a Forest Reiki Level 1 attunement class. If you’ve done energy work before you know how special it is to be connected with energetic allies and if you haven’t this will open a new world for you. This day will be you with your body in soft communion, together in a space for a powerful integration of new awareness and energy. 

You’ll end the day with a gentle self-massage ritual with your custom essential oils again setting an intention for Dreamtime guidance and communication.  While you sleep I’ll provide a distance Forest Reiki session.


Day 3: You’ve already experienced so many shifts and so much new energy has arrived. We’ll meet virtually today so you can process these remarkable experiences and unlock more insights and awareness. I’ll guide you through the complex system of your Human Design and help you understand the way you were born to navigate the world.

We’ll unlock and decode blocks and challenges so you can see where your underlying energy body is taking you and how to ride those waves to success. I’ll guide you through a clearing of energies and to release souls in and around your home. 

After our meeting, you’ll spend the afternoon or evening on your own learning how to do a unique energy blessing wheel process via recorded video. Before bed, you’ll practice doing your own energy blessing wheel and use your new found Forest Reiki skills for a self-treatment.

Self-treatments activate deep relaxation, intuitive talents, and open the natural channels for your body to heal itself.  They also open the pathways for you to release the learned conditioning and stories about your body so you can begin loving it just as it is: an ever-evolving beautiful masterpiece.


Day 4: We’ll meet virtually this morning so you can ask any questions that are bubbling up in your mind. I’ll guide you through some very thoughtful and transformative processes today to take the consecration of your body that you’ve done and carry it to your physical home and down deep into the land your home lives on. 

Houses and land are treasure troves of information and elemental allies. Any imprints or heavy energy residues will be cleared away. Together we’ll open the pathways to communicate with the energies of your home and land in a guided journey.

I’ll show you how to reacquaint your consciousness with the changing seasons and cycles of the moon with a seasonal altar that can be as simple or as complex as you choose.

Just as I’ll recommend that you practice physical and energetic hygiene for your body so will I say the same for the precious home that wraps around you and the land beneath holding it all. 

In the afternoon on your own you’ll watch a short video of instructions and then have fun gathering materials for an Essence Board we’ll build together and optionally to set up a simple altar.


Day 5: You’ve been held in a sacred container of profound alchemical energy for several days and by now you’ll be feeling so much differently toward your body. You may have released old emotions and let go of past hurts making way for your Heart to bloom wide with Love.

We’ll meet again this morning to process and activate the energy of your Future Self. Then we’ll build an Essence Board to provide a tangible touchstone and meditation tool for you to remember how it feels to continue living the energetic state of self-love.

Because we have human brains that try to keep us very safe by reverting to old ways as fast as possible, I’ll guide you to some concrete action planning and brainstorm ways that feel good to you for pivoting toward your choice of emotional state several times a day. We’ll talk about how to train yourself to this new path which leads to a new life. 

I will walk you through releasing any remaining energies and release the container in a guided closing ceremony.

After our closing ceremony, you’ll take yourself on a very special date to celebrate your progress, celebrate the reunion with your body, and celebrate your choice to step into your own magic and expanding intuition. Some women may choose to buy a ring to mark the commitment to a life of treating your body as the most important “person” in your life now. 

The investment for Reclaiming the Temple 5 Day VIP Intensive is $1500.00
*3 payment plan is available for a small fee*

How does this intensive sound to you so far? Is your body leaning forward? Do you yearn to be seen and see yourself in these ways? Is there a deep knowing in your bones?

Is now the time to choose yourself?

In order to sign up, we’ll first have a conversation. I want the very best for you and that means making sure we’re the best match to do this level of work together.

Want to read a bit of my story on this path? You can do so here

Love letters from clients…

Thank you, this has been by far the most powerful course for transformation I’ve ever taken. Laura B. San Diego, California

This work you are helping me through is some of the deepest work I have ever done.  So grateful. XO Renee S. South Carolina

Please, know I love you and your work. I appreciate you immensely. You are a powerhouse of integrity and get realness. It, you, your work is so very much needed. Thank you, Cheryl C. Minnesota

…We started talking about money and how I can attract more based on my design and how my body is involved into it as well. I loved loved loved how Michelle was able to link Human Design, money, trauma and body wisdom. It felt like having all different pieces of a puzzle brought together into a solid system – mine.

She looked at different things like my open centers, a couple of gates + my Incarnation cross. It all made so much sense. I took about 4 pages of notes. Now I know that I have whatever it is I want – and how to make it possible.

Michelle brought it all back to concrete, daily practices I can do to make literally *anything* I want possible (which is part of my design, but some of me has been blocking it).

I felt safe all along, very seen + 100% tailored to what I needed. Also, she’s a delight to chat with. I highly recommend working with her! Marion Chloe Theis – Canada

Michelle, thank you so much. Best time I’ve had in a while ❤ It explained so much – why I fight my planner (even though I’M the one who decides what to put on it), how to make a decision that will support me and not cause frustration, where I’m strong and where I need to offer myself more support. So fascinating and so HELPFUL! Nina Barry Oregon

P.S. If you’re not feeling quite ready for this intensive you can purchase the Animal Avatar Journey as a powerful and effective starting point for befriending your beautiful body.

refresh and clear your energy with my gift to you for signing up

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