10 Minutes to More Money Dec 1-30

Are you willing to listen in once a day for 10 minutes or so to completely change your money situation? I have held this daily group many times and the results for people who work it daily still amaze me.

Here are some of what participants have received through these cycles:

  • receiving small and large amounts of surprise bonus money
  • winning contests
  • being gifted with multiple thousands of dollars in education or other gifts
  • going from a teensy weensy savings to a money market account that pays over 2.27% interest
  • an increased flow of customers and clients
  • receiving insight and impulses leading to literally thousands of dollars increased income
  • recognizing marketable skills that were taken for granted as “ordinary”
  • decluttering and finding forgotten money or owed rebates
  • promotions/raises at work
  • art and other product sales increased
  • conscious awareness of how we keep ourselves stuck through avoiding feeling emotions
  • waking up to our REAL RELATIONSHIP with money
  • seeing how our judgments of wealth and finance prevent us from achieving that for ourselves (no more bagging on rich folks!)
  • awareness of how we’ve made money responsible for our mood of the day
  • becoming conscious of breathing and other body symptoms as being money related

What are we doing exactly?

>>You’ll receive and listen along to a Daily One Command meditation appx 5-10 minutes delivered live via Voxer (you have to have this phone app to participate)

>>This simple daily process helps release tension and create flow around all the things related to money.

>>Bonus recordings and extras will be added as we go.

>>At the end of 30 days you can expect to have much more ease with money and you may even see more of that sweet moolah showing up in your world!

Where do we meet and when?

30 Live Sessions starting Dec 1 – 30 via Voxer

Day 1. Introducing The One Command process and how it works to create (not manifest) more ease and awareness around you and your relationship with Money.

Day 2-29 Just show up and follow along with the process whether listening live or to the recording.

DAY 30. Planning for aftercare.

It’s that simple. Are you ready?

Can you commit to a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes a day for yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY? I KNOW you’re worth that commitment, do you?

Sign me up!

  1. Click here to pay $47 USD via PayPal (if you prefer Venmo send to @michellewolff11)
  2. Download the Voxer app to your phone
  3. Email your Voxer username (found on your user profile) to info@thatmichellewolff.com
  4. Check your Voxer app on Dec 1st at 11AM EDT for introduction and instructions
  5. Ease your way into a healthier relationship with wealth!

Please read my refund policy here.