10 Minutes to More Money

10 Minutes to More Money: A Train Your Body to Wealth 40 Day Email Course

Are you willing to listen to a powerful process once a day for 10 minutes or so to completely change your money situation? I have held this daily group many times and the results for people who work it daily still amaze me.

What are we doing exactly? We’re training our nervous systems to receive with ease. Money is a fast moving highly intense energy. If your system can’t handle that flow you’ll find all kinds of creative ways to reject money and keep yourself too broke to pay attention!

 We can do this! When you enroll…

>>You’ll receive and listen along to a Daily One Command meditation appx 5-10 minutes delivered via email

>>This simple daily process helps release tension and create flow around all the things related to money.

>>At the end of 40 days you can expect to have much more ease with money and you may even see more of that sweet moolah showing up in your world!

How does this work?

40 days delivered right to your inbox email sessions!

Day 1. Introducing the process with a short audio to get going ASAP and a longer workshop that’s optional to watch. 

Day 2-39 Just show up and follow along with the process by listening to the emailed recording, celebrating something daily, and using simple tools available for moving energy and training your nervous system to be comfortable with more money and abundance.

DAY 40. Planning for aftercare with a final video.

It’s that simple. Are you ready?

Can you commit to a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes a day for yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY? I KNOW you’re worth that commitment, do you?

 Please purchase thoughtfully – there are no refunds for this product.

Here what participants have received through these cycles:

Are you ready for more money?