Pet Bloggers and Social Media

How are you using social media in your business(es)?

In general everything I do these days is related to pets and their guardians in one way or another. Reiki is for people and pets, my art has over time become centered on animals, Young Living essential oils work for people and pets, and certainly Desire Mapping helps pet caregivers stay centered and balanced in their lives and as we know: happy people = happy pets! So while I didn’t set out to become a pet blogger here I am!

I was quite interested to see the results of this BlogPaws survey which shows how pet bloggers are interacting with social media. I know for me I talk the most with people on Facebook and Twitter but here is how it shook out overall:

'Pet Bloggers on Social Media

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Will I be meeting you in person at BlogPaws 2015 Conference? I sure hope so! I’ll be speaking on using essential oils and relaxation methods to take good care of yourself as an animal rescuer / advocate!

I'm Speaking at BlogPaws 2015! Let's meet there!