Desire Map, Self-Care and Pets

Quick post today because something is on sale that never goes on sale and I want y’all to know about it. The Desire Map planner is 50% off right now and seriously it won’t last long, it’s actually never been on sale before. As animal advocates and rescuers our emotions can be a roller coaster of activity on any given day. The Desire Map process teaches you to winnow out all the layers of stuff to find out 3 or 4 ways that you want to feel in all the areas of your life. I use these tools in coaching and I teach in person and virtual workshops (one is starting next month) to help people start setting their goals for the day based on the feeling desired and how to stay anchored in it. If you know how you want to feel and can learn to stay in it as often as possible your life starts to shift in ways you can’t predict. Feeling bad or stuck in an emotion won’t get you anywhere that you want to be.

You don’t have to have read the book or attended a workshop to benefit from the oh so elegant Desire Map daily planner which is evergreen so you can start it at any time. I can’t even begin to tell you all the benefits of using a planner like this to establish a daily practice of self- care which ultimately goes a long way in preventing burnout and compassion fatigue from derailing your work. A planner gives you structure and way to create a ritual, your training yourself the same way as you would a dog or cat to respond to situations effectively!

Knocked off kilter by something that angers or saddens you? If you know how you want to feel and you’ve practiced maintaining it you will remember faster to return to center. I read something that makes me angry, I have the word Connected in my planner, posted everywhere and in my purse so I remember faster – oh yeah – I want to feel Connected so I stop, breathe and read, do some Reiki or call a friend to remember that when I feel connected and centered I am of much more use to the world. Returning to center gets faster and faster over time.

Here’s the bottom line for today: an inexpensive tool to feel better and care for yourself is available to you for less than the price of dinner out or a few trips to Starbuck’s. Get the Desire Map planner while it doesn’t cost very much at all and explore what anchoring in how you want to feel in your daily life can do for your peace and well-being.


FTC Disclaimer: there are affiliate links in this post. If you purchase products I do receive a small percentage to support my efforts in the world. I only recommend products I use myself so that I know that they are of value.