In Defense of Ego and Energy

Similar to our physical body’s immune system we have one for our emotions and energy fields. All kinds of specialized systems and cells rush to the sites of injury to protect, isolate the danger, sometimes encapsulate and to heal. T-Cells, B-Cells, antibodies, phagocytes, plasma cells, neutrophils, inflammation responses, etc. Our bodies are a miracle of defense and repair systems which we never question or complain about.

We’ve never that I know of in the history of our species shamed ourselves for having defense mechanisms against pathogens and injuries. I know I’ve never once in my life said, “Damn it! I did that white blood cell, plasma thingie again! Why can’t I stop doing that? Ugh!” And yet we shame ourselves for responding to emotional and energetic invasions, insults or injuries on a daily basis.

By energy I mean the measurable field of “stuff” all around you. Some call it an aura or bioelectric field. It’s the area where as you approach someone you can feel or sense them and if you’re sensitive you may get clear information about what’s going on with them emotionally and in their own energy field. Note: just because you can pick up information from others in your environment or even at great distances doesn’t mean you should. We, even if we can, don’t have the right to snoop in people’s homes without permission and the same rules of politeness apply to people’s auras. Of course we can’t help but feel it but we can seal up our boundaries and not sense into it further.

Our egos rush to our defense when someone says or does something that triggers an emotional response to a current or past wound. We snap back, snarl, retreat or get very still as our other systems engage to protect our sense of Self and perceptions of worth. We push back energetically or move away from people we sense are harmful unless we’re told by social or familial rules to engage with that which we know is toxic to us. We know in our bones when something is wrong but because of previous wounding or again cultural influences that devalue more experiential ways of moving through the world, we deny our knowing and end up hurt all over again, misunderstood and failing to get where we really want to go in all areas of our lives.

As functional adults we do need to be aware that just like our immune systems can go overboard or haywire so too can our egos slip into paranoia, entitlement or chronic fear among other things. So while we need to pay attention and make adjustments we do not need to spend anymore energy in shaming ourselves for having those responses or even more futile trying to get rid of our ego. There is a balance between personal responsibility and self-abuse and I believe that balance is found by forgiving ourselves for judging our egos and learning more about our energies.

Rarely can affirmations and positive thinking show us the blocks in our energy systems where an injury from times past was encapsulated and sits there still pulsing an energy that attracts to us matching energies and experiences. We need to learn where my energy ends and yours begins and not blend the two unconsciously. We can learn to let the perceptions of others slide right on through our own systems without attaching or following the impulse to fix something that hasn’t asked to be fixed. Alternatively we can learn to set up energy boundaries that bounce energy back or let it part and go around us. Aerodynamics for the invisible realm!

We do all of this by learning the knowledge which was taught long ago and still is in many parts of the world which haven’t kille doff their Shaman and Medicine Women types. We desperately need what has been forgotten, dismissed and ignored:pushed aside due to many factors and politics of control all of which are too complex for a simple blog post.

Shame is killing us and we’ve known that in our American culture since the 1970s when Helen B. Lewis among others tried to bring it forward through extensive research. I thank God Brene Brown’s work took off at lightning speed to bring this subject to a broader audience. Shame gets stored in your energy field and is triggered over and over again by hidden blocks and old injuries.

It causes our defense systems to overreact, say too much, go too far, retreat too long and often take actions that are decidedly not in our best interests. We can lose jobs, relationships and most certainly peace of mind if these energetic areas are ignored. And while there are many standard modalities to process these such as psychotherapy, education, behavioral modification and many more in my own experience these modalities leave out two very critical component: the body and the energy field which surrounds and permeates everything you are.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping along the body’s meridian lines), Brain Gym, EMDR and others are more effective because they do engage the body however we’re still missing the energy field. Progress is made in all of the above modalities yet sustaining the changes long-term are difficult in my opinion without addressing the missing and often entirely dismissed piece of the aura and all the energetic systems contained within it.

An Intuitive Energy Coach is someone who has the skills and training to sense energies in your field or aura in order to identify tangles or blocks that you may not be conscious to. The process is designed to sense them and then to guide you through the process of dissolving them. Key word here is guide, an energy reader or coach cannot clean and heal the wound for you. They will empower and support you to do the work yourself which means when it’s released it stays released and in the future you may begin to see more of your own previously blind spots.

There are a lot of words for these kinds of processes of seeing, sensing or feeling into another person’s field but none of them include the word psychic as it’s used in the popular culture. An energy reader or coach cannot predict your future, tell you which lottery numbers to pick or if that guy you just met is The One. Our paths are colored by far too many variables to say with any kind of certainty what any given outcome of a decision will be.

I use energy reading, Desire Map principles, many different coaching skills and Young Living essential oils with clients in a number of ways which you can explore on this website. Even better book a free 15 minute phone session with me and I can let you know all the options available to help find and resolve the issues which are keeping you from your highest potential.

In the meantime if you have a gut feeling that something is off kilter start to listen, ask some questions of those 6th sense feelings and imagine letting go of the habit of shaming yourself for using the techniques and defenses which may literally have helped you survive in this world so far.

When we know better, we do better and until then we do our best and that my friend, is nothing to be ashamed of!