Waves of Creation

Growing up in Texas it’s easy to take flowers for granted. They’re just there, literally all over the place most of the year. I spent an enormous amount of time studying those flowers, being aware of their comings and goings, colors, scent, all of it. First Lady Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson, bless her, made sure the medians of the Texas highways were loaded with wildflowers, so that boring drives are blessed with beauty everywhere you go still today. The profusion is flowers are one of the few things I miss about Texas, well, and a very small handful of people, and the food.

This week, in an energy reading session, all those memories of the gardens came flooding forward. I saw myself in my grandfather’s yards, front and back, following each wave of floral and fruit creation throughout the season. Daffodils, Jonquils, and Hyacinth. Day Lily, Iris, and Roses. Peonies, Sweet William, and Zinnias. Blackberries, Pears, and Plums. Corn, Green Beans, and Onions. Oh, that large garden with all the canning, freezing, shucking and weed pulling that went along with it. I can say that part I didn’t like as much.

I wasn’t sure at first why all those images were coming forward in such a slide show. The day lilies I understood as we were working in the sacral chakra and a bright orange lily is perfect imagery for it. We were also addressing money flows, (yes, the energy centers of your body directly impact money in your life) and the images didn’t seem related. Until I realized all that time as a child I never tried to hang on to the Jonquils as they faded away. I didn’t grasp their wilting stems and wail their departure. I went on the watch the next round of flowers coming, and the next and the next. It never crossed my mind to be less than certain they’d be back next spring and anyway look at the Roses!

With flowers anyway, I was enjoying each wave of creation as it came, without thought to preserve the wave going out or  wondering how to make the wave coming in hurry up. In, out, bloom, seed, die, bloom, fruit, seed, die again and again. There was no need to mourn the early flowers as the next round was upon us, even as they cycling into death. We also didn’t cut them and take them in the house very often. Why would we? They were right there all around. To cut them and control them, meant to kill them and lose the glory of their process.

It can be the same as you allow your emotions to ebb and flow, come and go. You can allow the bloom of rage in your belly to flower up, expand, express its energy and fall back. You can fully enjoy the surge of love in your heart without trying to hang on to it or make sure that the energy only goes to those people on the approved list. As money comes in, you can welcome it as you would Spring’s first purple Crocus. You can saturate yourself in the energy of wonderful things that money can do in your life and as it goes out not give it a second glance. Your eyes are forward welcoming the next wave with joy and ease.

We can do this with relationships, understanding that new love is not the same as 5 year love, or ten, or twenty. Fighting to make love stay the same, rather than allowing it’s wavelike pattern, ends many a marriage. Fighting to hang on the 9 year old child makes it hard to welcome and accept the budding teenager in your house, but if you do, life is much easier.

Stay with your breath, it is a constant reminder that what comes in has to go out, or you will literally perish.
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Now back in the South we’re again surrounded by flowers everywhere. There is a huge strip of daffodils forming their blooms right now, out under the trees and a lovely hydrangea showing signs of waking. Winter is leaving, Spring is arising and Summer will be right behind it.

What waves are alive in you today? Which ones are going out that you need to say goodbye to? Which ones are coming in that you need to welcome?