Saving The Perpetrator

The ultimate act of compassion is intervening to stop a perpetrator. Not out of vengeance, rather out of an expression of deep love, out of the understanding that the consequences to the Soul doing the harm often exceed those of their victims.

This understanding of perpetrators is astoundingly difficult to grasp. As humans, our instinct is to crush and eliminate the “enemy” whoever we define that to be. In struggling not to be consumed by the rage about the damage and impending potential damage to come from the 45th president of our country, I’ve gone circles with this concept of a more radical compassion than I’m used to.

I’ve listened to my current teacher, Jody England, remind us on her radio show that what we resist persists. I gritted my teeth through that entire show. Ugh, using one of my own favorite lines to try to remind us that rage doesn’t work most of the time. I’ve re-read parts of the Tao, I stayed up until 3 am listening to a live stream broadcast of H.H. the Dalai Lama, I’ve allowed myself the full experience of grief and outrage and sorrow. I’ve also throughout remained willing to see it another way.

In the system of triage, you stop the most dangerous aspect of any incident first. You stop the shooter first. You clear the obstructed airway first, then stop the worst bleeding, then look for other victims. #45 is the most dangerous aspect in my opinion not because he is inherently evil but because he is allowing himself to be the hand puppet of one who has destruction in his heart. #45 and his circle are a greater danger to his supporters than they are to me. I’m a Shadow Walker and a Scorpio. I see more than I ever thought possible into the heart of evil intention these days. Plus I’m a strange mix of cynicism and hope. The real hurt will occur when those who supported him see that he walked to White House on their backs. The real pain will be in the sinking realization that all the promises were lies, lies designed to grab them by the hope, lies used to manipulate.

And yet again, we know truly that resistance is futile. So what to do? How do we recognize the truth and allow the rage, fear and still find love?

It’s hard, but to love the perpetrator is to love the whole of humanity with all its mixed bag of energies and characteristics. It was one of the greatest challenges of my life to attend the March for Social Justice and Women’s Rights in Atlanta, GA and stay focused on adding love to the mix. To march and not allow my fear and rage to simmer into the field was tough but I did it. I stayed in the wholeness of love, anger, and fear all at once. My ego was so proud of me!

Then I lost it. Again. Until today on my 3rd day of some serious physical purging after some serious energetic reconstruction. Sickness can be a portal to greater understanding. Sickness decreases the amount of energy you have to fight the power and rage against the machine of your own Mind.

Today I remembered love. Love as the most powerful force in the Universe. Love as the only REAL power in the Universe. I am a lover of Souls. It’s my mission to wake up people to see their Shadow and help them love themselves into Wholeness. I spend every day of my life in one way or the other remembering that for myself and attempting to share it with you. Every. Single. Day.

Am I not a hypocrite of the worst kind then, if I do not extend my love to those who are attempting to destroy everything?

The deepest love stops even the greatest evil. The deepest love is the hardest to access because it requires the Ego to be gently set aside. All the themes of right and wrong, justice and injustice must be suspended in order to see the Soul residing in the body of a perpetrator. Access that kind of love even for a moment and you cut loose one strand of the ropes that bind you to narrow vision. Do it often enough and those ropes fall away.

Save the perpetrator by issuing a calm, centered, Sacred No, to their acts or attempted acts. March, volunteer, support candidates and change legislation out of Love and you prevent the further victimization of others.

Save the perpetrator through challenging yourself to call forth and experience a kind of Love you may never have accessed before and you save yourself.

If you’d like assistance in accessing this kind of Love explore my Offerings using the tab at the top of this page or message me and I’ll send you a reading list at no charge.