Are You an Addicted Mystic?

What are you addicted to and are you ready to stop? Do you think addiction only means drugs like alcohol and cocaine? When was the last time you told yourself to stop checking your cell phone so often or to stop eating refined sugar or found yourself telling the same tale of woe in your thoughts? Yeah. We’ve all got it.

When we choose to end addiction, we’re required to face all that we’ve been running from. The deepest emotions we’re avoiding contain our greatest power. Often, we can’t do this without support because to feel “that” creates sensations in our bodies which can feel unbearable. We are taken back to the time in which we abandoned awareness of our physical body. All the sensations we left behind come forward again to integrate through the breath and consciousness which move us immediately into a union of Mind, Body, Soul, and God/All That Is.

Your Shadow masquerading as an addiction is the feeling which hits when you come home to an empty house or a relationship that’s in conflict or gone numb or to children who demand emotional intimacy you don’t know how to give. It creeps in on sticky paws when you’re turning out the lights for bed. It crawls up into Mind and as you settle the blankets over your body the weight of despair or loneliness settles over you as well.

There are many tools to fill the hollow aching emptiness, to melt the frozen hardness, to end the pattern of behaviors that lead to more behaviors in an endless cycle leading to an at times literal dead end. To discuss those tools especially the gift that has come from creating Forest Reiki™ I’m starting a podcast in a few weeks. I was wrestling with the title until one weekend I chose to sit in silence for hours until I was able to feel clear. One afternoon I felt the title dropping in my brain as softly as a feather but with the strength of an iron anvil. Addicted Mystics: a place where we come home to the body to heal the mind and integrate the Soul.

When I heard that I felt a wave of energy I could hardly contain. My body felt electric and alive. We’re all addicted to something at some point if we are anywhere on the continuum of being sensitive beings who feel the different currents of energy all around us.

I’ve gone through stages of healing my own addictions to marijuana, cigarettes, sugar, and overeating. I come from an addicted family on both sides. I struggle, my family struggles, when I worked in rehab agencies as a therapist I watched my clients struggle. I’ve watched addiction take down my father and so many clients over the years. I’ve seen firsthand how addiction is often a component of death by suicide. I’m also done with hiding the tools I know that help: energy work, energy center (chakra) exploration and reconstruction and most of all Forest Reiki™ which has finally healed me of my food and social media addictive behaviors.

We’re healed when we choose to make our Heart the center point of our focus. When we surrender to the guidance from within, when we do the daily sometimes boring as hell practices to stay connected to Spirit when we use our tools to stop acting out even when we really would rather binge, smoke or scroll the hollow places are instantly filled.

They’re filled with peace, the sensation of a roaring river of Love flowing from the Heart to the world, the ability to stay with the Body when it is experiencing twitches, itches, and jumpiness in its nerve endings, the ability and commitment to using a tool rather than taking time to complain, compare, despair or indulge in visiting our familiar bad feeling place.

An Addicted Mystic is someone who feels the “hot restlessness” and is always searching for a cure, an escape, a distraction. They can be spiritual junkies always chasing the next high of leaving the Body behind to experience a union with the Divine which while powerful doesn’t last. They can be moving from relationship to relationship trying to stem the flow of unwanted thoughts. They can be Netflix addicts, drunk on Instagram and getting high off garnering approval.

Addiction ends when we decide to travel to the core of our scary places and feel what is present.
We will do whatever it takes to reclaim our power.

When we start to move toward the experience of addiction as being a mystical one we learn the shadow side of being a teacher, the dark side of being a creator, empath, healer, sensitive is simply a burden which accompanies many blessings. Shadow is not to be fought it is to be welcomed, to be seen and fully named. When we name it, when we embrace our rejected parts, we claim the power of living within a unified energy, we end our fragmented scattered disembodied existence and become focused creators.

An Addicted Mystic understands that the cost of being an awakened human being is living alongside the ever-present Siren call of our drug of choice whether that be a person, sex, sugar, food, alcohol, drugs, thoughts, mindset, or internet use. Any addiction muffles and muzzles the voices of Soul and All That Is if allowed to do so.

We are no longer willing to allow ourselves to be muffled or muzzled.
We are ready to own our power and take responsibility no matter what.
No. Matter. What.

An Addicted Mystic is willing and ready to pay the price of awakening because to sleep any longer equals a living death and a half-life state of existence is no longer an option. Period.

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