Three to Free

I’m a die-hard believer in the fact that a daily practice of a few minutes of silence will change your life. You won’t believe the difference it makes when you choose even 5 minutes to spend observing your mind. Some people call it the monkey mind, I now call mine Babs My Border Collie Brain because Babs likes to run in circles, bark a whole lot at absolutely nothing and rip the furniture arms off if I’m not paying attention.

I’m determined to teach the world that there are three simple actions which when done daily is all you need to do to get started on the road to awakening to sovereignty, freeing yourself from chronic negative thought patterns, addictions of all kinds and reclaiming your power to choose to interact with life rather than reacting to all things external!

Three to Free is your simple but most important task list for the day:

  1. Silent meditation. Even 5 measly minutes a day adds up.
  2. Feel. Feel every little thing that comes up during the day in reaction to a thought or an event. Feel, feel, feel.
  3. Breathe. 3 deep breaths as soon as you feel those feels, not to escape or transcend but to allow the energy to move through your body which I’ll admit does feel pretty uncomfortable in the beginning.
  4. BONUS:Get Dirty. Go spend time with trees, plants, and dirt. Come and learn Forest Reiki™ with me. Google shinrin-yoku, forest bathing, and how soil microbes are shown to improve our attitude and even depression. Get your bare feet in the ground or even better in a creek or pond. Basically, go outside and let your human animal body have some contact with that its made of!

Give this 30 days and see what happens! Make sure you write down how you were functioning in your life in the beginning and how you feel afterward. Are you more aware of your habits and thoughts and habitual thoughts? Are you able to choose what you ’d like to focus on more easily? Are you aware of just how much stress you’ve been carrying and now releasing through some simple awareness and breathing?

FYI just know that you will resist this in the beginning and don’t let that stop you. Your own Babs will pull out all the tricks to get you back on to Facebook and Instagram or have you diving head first into a bucket of popcorn or a box of Hot Tamales. Smile gently, pat her on the head and keep right on sitting your way to freedom 🙂

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  1. This is great! And I KNOW this! My “monkey mind” feels like a caged panther lately, pacing and pacing. The cage door is open, but its like the panther doesn’t know what to do with that.


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