Ya Gotta Do It On the Daily

I get it.

It gets old to do a dang thing every day, no matter what, no excuses with no promises that you’ll ever feel any different but here’s the thing honey bunnies:

If you don’t decide that you ARE a person who does your daily practice every day, no matter what, no excuses with no promises that you’ll ever feel any different you’ll never feel any different 100% guaranteed.

Do it or don’t do it but please don’t add salt to your wounds or hurt your heart by complaining that “nothing” ever works for you because that, my loves, is absolutely false. That line of thinking takes all the wind from your sails and supports stories like, “I never get what I want.”, “These things work for others but not me.”, “I’ve done all the x,y,z but my life is still in the shitter.”

You haven’t done all the things but your Mind tells you that you have. I can promise you that you haven’t really. I can promise you that because I can see your external world in ways you’ve gone blind to.

Your Mind slips you mental sleepy juice that lulls you to fall gently back into the victim-thinking hammock where decades slip by with no real changes happening. Sooooo sleeepy…

If you want to change you have to keep your promises to yourself.
If you want to change you have to commit and do the damn things on the daily.
If you want to change you have to stop planning your life around how it’s always been and start planning for how you are CREATING it to be NOW.

This means if you go to bed and you didn’t do a 5-minute meditation – you get back up and do it.

If you’re on the way to work and realize you skipped your morning intention setting – you pull your car into the nearest parking lot and do the thing.

If you yelled again when you said you wouldn’t – you take the time to analyze the situation and plan and rehearse what ONE thing you’re going to do differently the next time.

If you dove headfirst into the donut box and woke up confused by the crumbs all over your lap you don’t beat your own ass but you DO tell yourself the truth with the utmost compassion as you analyze the triggering event and start again. P.S. crumbs everywhere don’t mean you get to go make more crumbs since you’ve already overeaten. This is not because you need punishing but because you need more loving and adding pizza in top of donuts is not an act of love.

You can get some short and sweet tips on change here and if you’re ready to be in a community for 6 months that will help you COMMIT and ACT then schedule a quick call with me about joining us in From Wounded to Wise (enrollment ends Dec 25, 2019).