Your Body is a Magnet for Manifestation

We’re always asking something outside ourselves to bring us X, Y, Z as if the Universe is a waiter or a vending machine. O Great Universe pleeeeease bring me fill in the blank by Friday. We act as if we put in our prayers and then we “get” money, a lover, new washing machine, or clients, etc.

This is childlike, sometimes victim energy, asking the Grown-Up God for a cookie. This is Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, type of prayer. It’s disempowering and it doesn’t work. All it does is build evidence to support stories such as, “Nothings works out for me. My dreams never come true. I never get what I want. These things work but not for me.” blah blah woof woof.

Here’s the thing – effective creating starts from the Inside of the Body and waits to allow the Outside deliver. Our Body is a magnet that activates a connection to what we’re trying to attain.

In Human Design there is an energetic function in your G or Identity Center called the Magnetic Monopole. A one-way magnet that is calibrated to what you want through the enormous power of our emotional states. Activating that magnet through emotion in our Body is essential.

How do we attune and calibrate?

You can choose a Core Desired Feeling, chant numbers or words or sit in silence. You can create Essence Boards which are like Vision Boards but you’re choosing the pictures and colors based on if they match the feeling state you’ll have when you get the sweet moolah or the hot partner. You can call up memories of when you had what you want more of and marinate in that emotion right now. You can pretend you already are or have the thing.

The point is to give the mind something fun to do while the body attunes to what you’re asking for and becomes a living magnet. The harder trick then is to hold it long enough, longer than we think, for manifestation to occur.

I was given a visual a couple of years ago. I was driving to town at night, freaking out about money. One the way I pass an open meadow that has some good sparkly energy in it. There are often herds of deer and hawks around it.

I looked to the left and I saw a huge staff planted in the ground, by the way, this is was a year or more before I heard anything about Human Design. Think of the staff as like a Gandalf Wizard staff complete with crystal on top.

The staff is the “wish”. When we plant it, we declare what we want, and then we wait. I saw the staff and then all these gold glittering particles were drawn to the staff. They were clustering around it becoming more and more dense, but then the staff was lifted up and replanted starting the process over again and again.

We don’t hold our staff, our desire in place long enough for our Body to become the magnet that will deliver to us what we’re asking for through the coalescing process of energy. I was shown and told that we have to hold steady, activate the staff (the magnetic monopole) with the energy of emotions in our Body. Then we have to settle the fuck down to listen for what actions to take if any.

What would life be like if…

If you spent all day activating Love.

If you spent all day activating the energy of Wealth.

If you spent all day activating the energy of Health.

Can you even imagine what a different life, world, we’d be living in?

Can you see what this says about the immense manifesting power of being embodied that’s going unused because we’ve been trained to have the cookie immediately and to ask some mystery being outside ourselves to deliver and then give up when it takes time? Or worse, when we need to move through and integrate some emotions first but we’ve lost the skill of integration through feeling and breathing?

The Human Design Authorities: wait to respond, wait for recognition and invitation, wait for the emotional wave to settle, talk it out moving energy through the Throat Center, wait 28 days, wait until you just know – IS that settling down and giving the Body TIME to magnetize and deliver. Only Manifestors don’t have to wait but that’s a different blog post.

Today I asked how does this relate to weight loss for fuck’s sake?

Here’s what Team Invisible said: Food and lack of exercise numb your ability to feel the subtle energies and match up to them. They irritate your nerves and agitate the Mind leading to restless piddling about that never creates anything because you cannot FEEL the subtle energies of attunement and the subsequent CALIBRATION.

This is what I call my “Hey, Dummy!” moments. When Team Invisible kindly and affectionately tells me again what they’ve already told me. When they remind me of how many ancient texts talk about this same process. When they gently laugh and tap my Ajna Center.

Sugar, too much food, too much caffeine, coffee (the beans not just caffeine for me), nicotine, not moving enough, numbs you to the greatest source of information you have: the connection between Body and Soul where intuition is accurate and effective. The place where your creative abilities are turbocharged.

It’s about weight loss and exercise, it’s not at all about weight loss and exercise.

This is why I’ve been nudged and prodded to offer the course, Weight Loss Your Way. It’s a spiritual sneak attack of sorts. Yes losing weight happens, yes exercise begins but the deeper long-lasting learning is returning home to the Body, to feel those subtle energies, to reclaim your power to declare your desires and see them manifest all around you is the point of it all.

Do I have to give up all the food?!

NO! YOU DO NOT! No, I will never tell you to stop eating anything. In fact, I tell you to eat whatever the fuck you want to eat as long as you do it with 100% compassionate honesty.

We don’t change by giving up things and creating internal wars with our Inner Rebel. We change by meeting the TRUE NEED at the core and the foods that need to fall away, simply fall away. The exercise will start to be something your look forward to, that you can’t wait to do! I have a shit ton of anecdotal proof of this both personally and professionally.

Bottom line – stop “asking” and start declaring, start owning, start activating the energy in your Body through the power of your emotions and hold steady longer than you think you need to.

Let your Body deliver what’s true and correct for you and entertain yourself with all things FUN in the meantime.

If you want to join this round of Weight Loss Your Way with Human Design, Forest Reiki™, and Compassionate Honesty we’d love to have you on the journey.

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