Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding your life purpose or your perfect business can be like standing in the shampoo aisle at the grocery store.

Some book told you that you need to pick ONE! But there are 500 pretty bottles with catchy names, a dizzying list of ingredients, colors, and shine and formulas for frizz, volume, smoothing, sulfates and sulfate-free, and OMG can someone just hand me a fucking bottle of shampoo already?

Life purpose can feel like that because we’ve been taught that experimenting is baaaaaaaad. That it’s wrong to have several careers, that having more than one is somehow irresponsible or flaky, that getting a degree in computer science but then becoming a chef is ridonkulous.


The average person can easily have two or more distinctly different careers. The stats have probably changed but when I was in career counseling classes in grad school the number of job moves was on average 7 to 11 for a career lifespan.

And now digital nomad careers are a thing. Serial entrepreneurship is a thing. There are lots of things that can be your thing.

So what about that life purpose then?

Well, it’s like that dang shampoo aisle.

Sometimes you know exactly that you want the pearl white bottle with the pretty name formulated for curls and you try it, like it, and buy that brand forever (or until they discontinue it, damn you Wella!).

Sometimes it’s a matter of grab a bottle, any bottle, and get to washing that mop, Sister! You might try 5 brands before you find the one you love. 10 years later it might be time to switch it up and start the experimenting all over again.

As part of a Human Design Foundation coaching session we lightly graze the Incarnation Cross, the big picture overview of your life. The theme of it all.

The Incarnation Cross can help you figure out the themes. It shows the core energy of what you’re meant to do. However, the form your purpose takes is really where you have to just choose one and get going.

Pro tip: you’re already doing what you’re “meant” to do somewhere in your life.

Want to dig into your purpose or explore a career change? An HD Foundations session can get you started or if you’ve had a Foundations session and want to dig into a career path we can do that too in a single coaching session or 6 month package.