It’s Time to Get Angry

Anger is often the missing piece when you feel stuck. Finding the rage at the injustices in your life can truly set you free from drifting and procrastinating. If you’re spinning in-between options or stuck in confusion explore what you might be mad about and let yourself get pissed off.

Women suppressing anger bogs down transformation and fuels victim energy.

We avoid honest anger and especially firey rage because Mind shuts it down (we got in trouble a lot as kids when we were angry) and the body isn’t used to those chemicals flooding your nervous system and so reacts in alarm. But what I’ve seen time and time again in myself and my clients is that owning and speaking anger is often a cleansing required for clarity.

There’s a popular tactic out there to punch pillows and what not but research shows that doesn’t work long-term. Moving your body helps because it helps those hormones flow but it doesn’t permanently resolve what you’re angry about. Getting to the root and sorting through it does help.

Accepting anger as a healthy natural emotion that serves you matters most.

Speak your anger out, say what you want(ed) to say, verbally express the regret and pain and betrayal and bitterness. Get the energy moving through your throat and see what happens. Walk while you talk it out to get some bilateral stimulation going which does help permanently resolve the emotional charge of past events. You can walk in place at home while you speak in case you don’t want the cops called on you!

For those of you who can’t figure out what you want to do in life, can’t decide whether to stay or go, buy or sell, start a business or not, drop all that struggling. Start exploring the landscapes of anger and rage with compassionate curiosity and a willingness to experience, even a little, the energy of it.

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