From Wounded to Wise: Transforming your Past into a Thriving Future

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Human Design shows you why life has been such a struggle. You’re about to find out that nothing has ever been wrong with you.

You are not broken, you aren’t wrong, and you never were.

Life can be a struggle if you don’t understand a few critical facts.

The stories you’ve been taught don’t belong to you. You know the ones about how you’re “supposed” to live life, to love, to make money through hard work, to be on a neverending diet.

Life’s hard because you were taught to be rampantly self-critical, making yourself wrong for who and how you are.

Because you haven’t known your unique Human Design which contains within it the tools to wake up to TRUTH. Human Design is a literal how-to map for how to create everything efficiently, easily, and in harmony with your entire Body, Mind, and Soul system.

Because you’ve experienced and mostly recovered from abuse, neglect, trauma or addiction but you don’t know how to sift the jewels from the ashes of those events, you don’t know how those wounds are your greatest portals to magic and wisdom and joy!

You really can create a whole new world for yourself using Human Design when you understand that your wound(s) is the portal to your wisdom. It is the area holding everything you need to know. Learning it and how to use it is a process I’ll teach you but once you awaken to the energy of your AUTHENTIC self and start RADIATING THE GLOW OF YOU to the world you become MAGNETIC!

The most common reaction people have when exploring their Human Design is deep relief – sometimes tears of relief – because their whole lives have been spent trying to fit into a system that was never designed for them.

We’ve tried so hard to fit in and belong in a culture that tells us every day that we’re wrong for how we think, feel, and function in life.

What if the parts of you that you’ve been trying to get rid of your whole life are actually your superpowers?

What if self-doubt was your greatest strength?

What if your need for downtime was literally required for your survival?

What if your inability to finish what you start is exactly what you’re meant to do?

What if your emotional and environmental sensitivities are exactly how you are designed? To pull in and amplify the energies surrounding you?

What if your traumatic childhood is a treasure chest of unexplored gifts, talents, skills, and joys now that you’ve done the intense work of healing?

What if you knew without a doubt that who you are is EXACTLY who you were born to be?

We aren’t “wrong” now and we never were.

“Being part of a human design course with Michelle Wolff has me feeling everything and it’s one of the hardest things I have ever done for myself and one of the best. It’s helped me to see my patterns, my wisdom and my shadows on a whole new level giving me permission to love all aspects of who I am and the choice to transform and heal what I no longer wish to carry. This is hard work people and it’s extremely rewarding. ” Renee S ~ Greenville, SC

Maybe you’ve had some of these labels slapped on you:

Lazy. Slow. Fickle. Careless. Can’t follow step by step directions. Impatient. Too many projects. Too emotional. Too sensitive. Unreliable. Wounded Healer. Victim.

Sound familiar? These are parts of Human Design that you’re supposed to be doing but they’ve been labeled as faults or defects rather than the SUPERPOWERS they really are by those around you! These are labels that pathologize far too much of normal human experience.

Lazy? No, Projectors need naps and downtime while they energetically support the world. Without downtime, they develop chronic illnesses, burnout, depression. FYI: traditional marketing methods leave Projectors bitter, resentful, and feeling like failures.

Fickle? Unreliable? No, Manifestors are the idea people, they’re not meant to finish things or be questioned. They’re meant to start lots of things and finish none or very few of them.

Stubborn? Too methodical? No, Generators are here to master systems. They’re built to not give up or in easily. Determination and building are their jam. They are the energy that builds the forms to hold the ideas

Too emotionally sensitive? Exaggerating your food sensitives? No, Reflectors (and Projectors with Open Centers) are here to show the health of those systems they live and work in. They really are the canary in the coal mine. They pull in and amplify the emotions and energies of everyone around them and sometimes the whole human collective.

Careless? Sloppy? Can’t slow down and follow instructions? No, Manifesting Generators are supposed to go fast and skip steps. They’re meant to streamline systems and remove redundancy. They’re meant to have their fingers in a lot of pies! They’re designed to circle back and redo some steps!

The way you manifest and create a life you love is completely unique and Human Design is literally the instruction manual we’ve always wanted.

All the stories about how you’re “supposed” to be are wrong. You’ve been conditioned to make yourself wrong in order to comply, stay small, and fit in. Those stories are slowing you down when you’re trying to create more money, more love, more health.

Until now…

In 24-weeks we can turn this completely around. The rest of your life you’ll know exactly HOW to make the most efficient decisions for literally every area of your life. You’ll know how to go from confusion to clarity by being grounded and in a loving relationship with your body.

When the ideas and to-do lists start spinning in your head you will know exactly how to slow down, ground in your Body and receive specific answers from your own Authority about what to do, when and how.

When old stories, Imposter Syndrome, Who Am I To-itis, compare and despair routines kick up you’ll have all the tools necessary to lovingly turn down the volume on voices trying to keep you safe by stalling and turn up the volume on the parts of you who KNOW without a doubt what step or steps to take next.

We’re deep-diving into the Type, Strategy, Authority, the 9 energy centers and all the Gates of your #HumanDesign chart – releasing stuck energies and old stories so you can clearly see the wisdom and gifts held in those sore spots – learning tools you can use the rest of your life to create sustainable change whenever you want – all with education, skill-building, and the powerful energy that forms when women come together in groups. When when we intend to uplift ourselves and others we can accomplish exponentially more than when we try to do all the things all alone.

I want to show you the Human Design map so you can see your motivations and know what methods work best for you to live a dynamic life in all areas. I want to reconnect you to your CREATIVE POWER through understanding your unique style and strategy for generating your career, your relationships, your money, health – all of it. I want you to meet your Inner Storyteller and feel the magical TRUTH held in your BODY!

Are you willing to remember the powers you once knew and learn how to apply to any area where you feel stuck? Are you willing to go from Wounded to Wise? Are you willing to let go of who you think you are in order to discover who you were designed to be?

Are you willing to show up fully and learn the EXACT techniques that will bring limitations to your awareness so you can consciously choose to be limitless?

The sacred space is already opened and waiting for those who are. Daily I am meditating and shining my intention that all those who are ready for this kind of deep transformation will see us gathering and explore if this is right for them. Some have already crossed into this space and are marinating in the energy.

If you’re here I invite you to spend some quiet time alone, set everything else aside and tune into your Body. Breathe deeply, think about this course and feel into your Body’s response to this opportunity to join our group adventure. If you feel yourself leaning forward or you get a little belly flutter, a little nerv-cited at the idea then read on…

The Details

Dates and Times: Mondays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST January 11 – June 21, 2021 We meet 3 weeks then take 1 week off for rest and integration. All sessions are recorded but it is so much more beneficial to you AND the group to attend live.

>>I will expertly guide you through education on each Center. We’ll experience a specifically structured deep meditation followed by live coaching and processing for 1 to 2 women each week. You’re guaranteed at least one and possibly two or more times in the LOVE seat during our time together. Gates are studied in between group sessions by recording.

>>There is a closely monitored Facebook group for resources and support in between sessions.

>>You’ll be sent an intuitively created very powerful essential oil blend to support your expansion throughout our 6 months together.


Enroll before December 5th and save $1000!

Investment: $5,000.00 ($4000 before December 5th) *ALUMNI RATE is $3500*

Single payment bonuses:

  • Forest Reiki Levels 1 & 2 by recordings *certification available*
  • 3 Clarity Sessions for your use within 1 year of enrollment
  • Energy Blessing Wheel Course (a meditative healing tool)
  • (over $1300.00 value in bonuses)

Payment Plan: $850 monthly ($683 monthly before Dec 5th)

  • 2 Clarity Sessions for your use within 1 year of enrollment.
  • Forest Reiki Level 1 by recording
  • Energy Blessing Wheel course (a meditative healing tool).
  • (over $750 value in bonuses)

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Arrianna H. ~ Minneapolis, MN