Animal Avatar Journey

Befriending your body makes you a more potent healer, powerful teacher, and an unstoppable leader in your business and personal worlds.

Is your Body your best friend or any of these more like your experience? 

> As an empath, you’re emotionally drained by everyone else’s fear and panic, especially now, and are paralyzed, unable to take action to grow your business.

>You’re overwhelmed by all of your ideas and end up spinning your wheels, unsure of how to move forward with any of them.

>You end up eating too much food/sugar, overdoing social media, too many Netflix binges, anything just to get a damn break from your thoughts and end up feeling even worse.

>You “remember” being pure energy and often wish you didn’t have to live as a Soul inside a body that feels clunky and slow. This makes achieving your goals feel impossible.

>When you think about being your body you’re only aware of feeling numb and disconnected from the waist down. You find that you are mostly living “in your head”.

We’ve been conditioned to discount our gut feelings, starve ourselves or eat food that makes us feel miserable and ignore the very real need for healthy relationships, sleep, play, and to be in Nature.

We learned to let the world’s energies drain us. We don’t see that social media leave us feeling addicted and exhausted. We make everyone else’s needs our priority and we suffer for it.

And you know what else? Without awareness and connection to our bodies, we really struggle to fully manifest 3D projects like relationships, money, and careers.

Our bodies are animals, they speak to us through the language of intuition, imagery, and emotion as they carry our Souls within.

Our need to be embodied in order to increase success and decrease all this struggling is why I created this Animal Avatar Journey for you.

The ANIMAL AVATAR™ JOURNEY connects you to your body!

With a daily practice of connecting to your ANIMAL AVATAR you can expect to discover:

>>the ability to be an Empath and be GROUNDED, CALM and LOVING toward your body.

>>connect to your intuition, your gut feelings, and your body’s knowing! This means fast accurate decision making, timely actions, and effective choices.

>>WORLD EVENTS no longer impacting your energy levels as much. No more being drained by the collective energies or those close to you whether that’s COVID-19 or political upheaval.

>>choosing nourishing food in communication with a DEEPER KNOWING in your soft animal belly. A happy body equals a happy life.

>>exercising regularly with JOY in partnership with your Animal Avatar.

>>experiencing a RUSH of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in your heart every time you think of your body or see yourself in a mirror! Can you even imagine?!

>>FREEDOM from food cravings and mindless eating so no more distractions from having your best relationships, thriving business, and more energy.


*Audio class recording and audio guided process

*Transcription of the audio playbook and images to help you identify your Animal Avatar

*FREE Campfire Council guided audio journey to talk with your Animal and any other Animal Allies, Guides or Helpers

NOTE: this Journey is suitable for older children & teens and can be done as a family!

Animal Avatar™ Journey

My story…

My Animal Avatar appeared in my journey when I was 16 years old and had already been on the hate my body treadmill for 6 years. I was checked out, numb, unaware of my emotions and had a tendency to push myself into utter exhaustion even at that age.

My animal appeared as a male Polar Bear and is quite large. I was surprised it was male but have found over time that he/she appears to me based on the qualities I’m expressing in my life at the time. Male for when I’m in outward action mode, female for when I am more in simmering, receiving, creative mode.

I was so surprised! I wasn’t a bear collector and hadn’t thought much about bears other than that they were cute. As I thought about it though, my body loves to play in the water but not to swim much. I sit on the floor exactly like polar bears do: a little slouched with my legs stuck out in front. I am quite independent and spend long periods of time by myself, in fact, I require it! There were so many characteristics of polar bears that matched my Animal self.

The more I got to know and embrace my polar bear the more I started to include other parts of myself which I was neglecting or making wrong. I stopped pushing away my feelings and learned how to handle my Shadow side. I learned how to return to a calm centered state faster and more importantly to trust and validate my own intuition.

Learning this process changed the way I interact with not only my body but every area of my life. I come back to it again and again when I am starting to struggle with life.

I loved this process, and the animal that came forward for me was one I adored and felt so magically drawn to as a child, so the process felt like coming home in a way. Thank you, Michelle!Heather R. – Maryland

 “I absolutely thought it was an amazing experience! The animal that showed up as mine was one that has found me, in dreams, since my earliest memories, and became an animal I felt connected to. Thank you, Michelle!!” Bailey H. – Colorado

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