“I’m 2/3 of the way through this class, and the block I started with was gone in the first 1/3, and so I took on a second one!
AND Michelle Wolff has added to it for the next class!
Don’t miss this opportunity to gently, safely, look at your blocks, understand them, and move forward
into YOUR offering to the world. You are needed.” ~ Lynorah C. 

We begin Monday Sept 4th 6pm – 830pm EST 
3 teleconference cycles: 3 weeks we meet. 1 week we integrate.
>> all sessions are recorded but as this is a small group you are expected to be present.<<

I have never posted a sales page this looooonnnngggg! I keep trying to cut it and can’t and I know how to edit! It just matters so much to me that have this process flow through me to you. I have 2 tables set – one for an evening cohort and one for a daytime cohort starting in September.

Over 18 months I said I was ready to take my seat at the Council of Truth Speakers table – to bring my gifts to a more public arena and speak up and out come what may.

Now, two tables are set for you to sit with me and explore your place in this world that needs your Presence.

Will you be joining us in this tribe of awakening women?

Are you ready to take fear by the hand and walk forward into your Truth?

Big Issue? Big Magic! is  13-week group program for heart & soul-centered women ready to address 1 big pattern that’s holding you back from your highest potential. (remember one pattern is all patterns at the core  )

You are here because you have BIG DESIRE. You are ready to…

>>Explore your intuitive capabilities.
>>Remove blocks to receiving intuitive information.
>>Learn how to apply intuitive information with customers, clients, and relationships.
>>Connect to your Body and learn her unique language of symbol and sensation.
>>Stop asking everyone else for permission to EXIST, TAKE RISKS and LIVE.
>>FEEL abundant and cultivate a true connection money so that you can XYZ.
>>Get moving on your BIG DREAM!
>>Stop feeling obligated and responsible for helping everyone by saying yes too often!
>>Finally, end that battle with food/ self-sabotage so you can feel powerful in your body and confident about yourself.

But there is this BIG ISSUE…

You know THAT one where you…

*Receive intuitive “hits” and keep them hidden because of fear of how they’ll be received and how you’ll be perceived (no one wants to be seen as Miss Cleo!).
*Have a love/ hate relationship with money. Feeling like there is never enough, so you sacrifice your needs. Or find yourself spending (on silly things) as soon as it comes in then you feel shameful.
*Feel like there is NEVER enough time. Somehow even when you have free time to FINALLY focus on yourself (your diet, your business, your spiritual practice) something comes up and poof… the time disappears.
*Put everyone else first and then at the end of the day you feel exhausted and don’t have time or energy to focus on the things that you really desire (your spiritual practice, growing your business, or ___ ).

I know I can help with these things because I’ve spent years finding my way past Resistance, Blocks and that special little devil Procrastination! I can spot you a mile away from the look in your eyes! I see your confusion and frustration, your hesitancy and fear. I know sometimes you feel CRAZY!

You’re trying all that you know how to do and still this Big Issue is tripping you up OR you know what to do and just can’t seem to get started!

I love you for how hard you try AND there is another way through learning to use Big Magic for slipping through resistance and right into sustainable change.

In case we haven’t met I’m Michelle Wolff and my teaching style uses metaphors, story, humor, and some salty language. I have a Master’s degree in Education, over 20 years experience and I love to help you get those EUREKA breakthroughs! I live for the moments when you are easily moving through life, doing things you never thought possible through blending your intuition with practical get things done skills.

When you unravel your Big Issue in one area you will have the skills and experience to apply to any area in the future that bogs you down or raises resistance/procrastination. I want to help you get to the bottom of this BIG ISSUE so you can create BIG MAGIC for the rest of your life.

“Michelle is an alchemist who creates a safe sacred space in which to learn, laugh and relax into the changes you want to make *now*. She encourages us to meet the gentle nudging of our own inner wisdom and true heart’s desires with clarity and courage. Once given a voice, she helps shed light on what may be in the way of success, ease, and joy in any area of life.”  ~ Ginger G. 

This group program is for you if you are:

*SO TIRED of seeing the same patterns in your relationships, with money, with your health, or at work.
*Ready to stop procrastinating and get clear on what you need so you can move through your BIG ISSUE and call in your desires.
*DONE with SECOND GUESSING yourself, your intuition, your KNOWING!
* Tired of putting everyone else first (kids, family, colleagues, clients and it’s running you ragged) and you are ready to put yourself FIRST. I will teach you the Sacred No & how to deliver it!
*Feel your intuition rising and aren’t sure what to do with it or how to tell people what you’re receiving.
*RESTLESS, ready for a change and ready to take action to create it.

In this 3-month group program, we will get to the bottom of your BIG ISSUE (the area of your life that appears to be mostly stuck and repetitive).

We will start approaching our “Big Issue” as if it’s our greatest treasure chest – because it is. We will find the GIFTS that it holds for you (your gifts come from your shadow) and I will teach you to work with it so that you can take your power back and create BIG MAGIC in all areas of your life.

This program is more than just a “coaching program” we will be diving deep and you will learn about the energy systems of your Body, Mind, and Soul.

By the end of the 13 weeks, you will…

**Know more about yourself than you ever thought possible including your Chakra system and how it all works together.
**You will have the tools to manage ANY issue that arises in the future.
**You’ll more easily bring your intuitive information into conversations with personal AND professional relationships.
**You’ll know when to wait and when to take immediate action.
**You will know how to keep your energy clear and focused regardless of circumstances.
**You will have the skills to stop overeating, overspending, overdoing anything.
**You will have the skills to manage the normal resistance to any change aka procrastination!
**You will have skills to do energy readings for others.

Each class will have an exercise, a chakra discussion, an energy tool, time to process and live coaching.

I’m not creating a hard and fast weekly agenda because life is NOT linear. The sooner we start learning to meander and follow the flows of natural learning, the better. The women in this group now are MAKING BIG CHANGES and learning to TRUST their own POWER and TRUTH.

My courses require:

*Commitment to getting honest with yourself and the other women in the group.
*Self-responsible for homework and showing up to class ready to go.
*To continually ask “What am I seeing of myself in this group of human mirrors?” “How can I see this differently?”
*Participation in an active Facebook group where you will learn to ask for, give, and receive support.

We begin Sept 4th 6 – 830pm EST 
3 teleconference cycles: 3 weeks we meet. 1 week we integrate.
>> all sessions are recorded but as this is a small group you are expected to be present.<<

Energetic Exchange

The exchange of $1500 for these 13 weeks includes:

*live coaching going straight to the core of your Big Issue so you can create BIG MAGIC.
*Customized essential oil blends geared towards helping you clear and move energy around your BIG ISSUE.
*Facebook group written support and extra education on the processes of change.
*potential for laser coaching in the FB group.
*Written exercises for changing outdated thought patterns.
*recorded meditations to support you between our coaching calls.
*Art activities to help you get out of your head, tap into your intuition, and tap into your creative flow.
*Animal Avatar meditation! (a way of making friends with your body and awakening intuitive talents)
*One or more group Zoom sessions (time TBD and being visible is optional)
*much more will be added as we go!


Register by AUGUST 19 with a single payment or your 1st standard amount payment if choosing a payment plan and RECEIVE nearly $700 in BONUSES:

  1. Save $100 off the enrollment price if you choose the single payment option!
  2. 1 Chakra Health Session with Reiki Blessing Wheel ($150 value)
  3. 1 Serendipity Session (brainstorming and planning plus MAGIC!) ($100 value)
  4. Entry into my Shadow Blessings course ($197 value)
  5. Entry into my Energy Blessing Wheel course ($30 value)
  6. 1 distance Reiki healing session with recorded mp3 and oracle card reading ($100 value)

Are you ready to get started?

Early Bird single payment option available until August 19, 2017 (Aug 20th at noon for my email list!)

Big Issue? Big Magic!