Chakra by Chakra Series

We are built of physical and energy systems which breathe and interface with each other in every moment. We need foundations that are solid yet flexible, supportive walls and a roof that shelters us. We need Earth nourishment and sustenance from the Light above. How well or not well our systems are working together as our “home” is reflected in our body, relationships, ability to sustain changes and manifest our goals such as money, weight loss, career, love or general health. Our body has several energy points but by working with the 7 major energy centers or chakras we can literally achieve dreams and goals we’ve abandoned.

If your car ran out of gas would you call it a failure for not being able to travel or would you simply find your way to the gas station and fill the tank?

Are you feeling like a failure because you’re struggling with procrastination, a repetitive pattern or indecision when all you really need is the right “fuel”?

How do you feel in the foundation of You? Are you grounded and stable? Does life feel easy and fun? If you want to make changes in any area is it achievable or do you struggle with every step?

Are you experiencing the signs of an out of alignment  energy system such as:

Having great ideas that never take shape in the world, fall flat or go unnoticed.

Not speaking up when you really want to say something.

Misplacing things.

Missing deadlines.


Feeling frustrated and burned out from all the demands in life but also can’t set limits or say “no.”.

An underlying sense of restlessness or something “not right”.

Eating too much, zoning out on social media or using substances to get a break from your mind that runs in circles barking like a wild chihuahua?

Feeling some serious guilt attacks just for wanting time to yourself.

In the Chakra by Chakra series, we will co-create an empowered state of increased knowledge and deep understanding of each chakra works and why you’ve had so much trouble moving forward on your goals. Each session flows as needed but in general, follows this structure:

Opening meditation and intention setting.

Learning about each Chakra’s qualities and functions.

Exploring what exists now on your system with Chakra Story techniques.

Meet and begin working with the Keeper of the Chakra.

Use dynamic energy techniques to clear stories or blocks to free movement and flow.

Receive aftercare skills and play activities for sustainable change.

Within 24 hours receive the recording of your session with recommendations for foods, colors, essential oils, etc.

>>>There are 7 Chakra by Chakra sessions. One for each major energy center. Sessions are by phone, last appx. 2 to 2.5 hours (with breaks as needed) and are recorded for your personal use. E-mail and Facebook Messenger support are available for the spaces in between our meetings.

You’ll be learning about yourself in new ways, receiving energy coaching, restoring and reconstructing each energy center so that you can fully inhabit your body, completely own and safely exercise your power and live a life in alignment with all the parts of you. 14 to 16 weeks might sound overwhelming but we take all this step by step not thinking any farther ahead than the next step on the path to freedom and authenticity.

What would it feel like to be in control and make empowered choices in your spending, eating, loving?

Imagine how life can flow when you set limits and say no from an expansive and confident sense of who you are?

Can you imagine identifying what you truly want and be able to lay out a plan of combined energy work, a bit of woo-woo and practical daily skills to achieve those desires?

Can you imagine how it feels to have so much energy you no longer want to binge on Netflix, social media, food or other distractions/addictions?

What’s it really like to live an awakened life?

You’re about to find out…

With your investment, you receive the whole Chakra by Chakra series of 7 in-depth sessions over 14 to 16 weeks PLUS:

***entry into my Shadow Blessings self-paced study course and Facebook group ($199 value).

***entry into my Energy Blessing Wheel class recordings and Facebook group ($30 value).

***a Reiki Blessing Wheel session (recorded, not live, distance healing & Oracle card delivered via .mp3) which must be scheduled at any point during our work together ($149 value).


Upon payment, I will email you a link to schedule your sessions and complete the required paperwork for this series. You can expect this initial email within a few minutes to a few hours.

Refund policy for all services: Our ego loves to distract us from deep personal growth through drama, money issues and various other things that take us off track once we set our feet on a path to wholeness. Because of this very human tendency, there are no refunds or exchanges for my programs. Should you purchase a session or service of any kind and have to reschedule you can do so, two times only, after that the session fee is placed in a scholarship fund for those who currently cannot afford full price or will be donated to an animal rescue fund depending on circumstances and you will then have to buy another session at full price. Your well-being and growth matter enough to me to expect more from you than you expect of yourself. I care and I know you are capable of this and so much more. You hire me to wake you up not to collude with you in staying asleep and off track. If this sounds harsh then I’m not the right teacher for you at this time because although you might want to fall back asleep in your life, if you are working with me it’s my job and Soul purpose to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen.  If you’re working in collaboration with me your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine yet. Are you ready to awaken?

Schedule a 15-minute Discovery call with me for more information, to make sure we’re a good fit or to ask questions.