Clarity Sessions

You might need a Clarity Session if...

…you’ve lost a loved one and would like to see if a conversation with them is possible. (please note this is not for fresh grief)

…you want to get clear on your next career path.…you can’t stop procrastinating and self-sabotaging

.…you feel a hot restlessness but simply don’t know what you want

.…you want to break a big goal down into manageable steps with a practical plan

.…you want to connect Soul to Soul and Heart to Heart to your ideal clients. 

You need CLARITY, a BREAKTHROUGH, to get your sh*t together and get UNSTUCK. 

This is a safe space to process, vent, and explore verbally. 

This is a time to speak a new dream out loud in a sacred space. This is a way to create and anchor into a step-by-step action plan. 

You DESIRE Clarity but also need a plan that works for you and with your unique brain! 

How it works...

While we talk, I’m holding a calm, grounded space for you. This energetic space is creating an opportunity for dots to connect, light bulbs to flash, and sparkling inspiration to flood your system with rejuvenation, new energy, and hope. 

We then take that magic and turn it into a practical action plan!  

A Clarity session is an hour of time entered into with the express intention of opening to illumination and expansion by inviting the Wisdom Holder in you to come forward.  




You bring your tangles and confusion. Bring your DESIRE to make a CHANGE with the need to clarify HOW. 

Show up with your overwhelm, restlessness, and dissatisfaction with the current state of your business, relationships, health, or finances. 

*Bring all the things to your session!*

I’ll bring deeply focused Presence, Forest Reiki® energy, copywriting skills, marketing knowledge, and laser-sharp intuition. 

*I’ll create a sacred space of vibrant possibility where anything goes as we talk about all the relevant practical factors along with intuitive info.*

You’ll receive our session recording and a folder of any relevant resources to generate unstoppable momentum. 

This session is not deep long-term coaching. This is a DEEP ACTIVATION OF YOUR OWN UNIQUE & POWERFUL WISDOM. 

No agenda. No script. No plan.

 Just opening doors…a breath of fresh air…a firefly flash of wonder and potential for serendipitous solutions…the missing information you’ve been trying so hard to find. 

Answers and action plans are here for you when you’re ready. 

Are you ready to find the words that shine a light for your clients to find you?  Are you ready for some sacred strategy that fits you personally? 

Serendipty, Magic, and a Plan

we can do it all in 60 minutes