Cosmic Clarity Night

An evening of channeled insight & magic!

These transformational coaching events have now gone virtual but you can still attend in your pajamas!

This sacred event is designed for transformation through channeled intuitive information. Throughout the event we co-create and claim our inherent, although often hidden, ability to create our best lives right now. Through intentional letting go of limitations and feeling good through laughter we can open the way for the cosmic flow of information and insight to smack us with the Ah-Ha moments we’ve been seeking! Oh, and did I say you can show up in your jammies? I’ll be wearing my jammies, a comfy robe, and squishy slippers because clarity happens best when we’re relaxed and not being pinched anywhere energetically OR physically! (I mean it 100% you have full permissions to attend in jammies!)

This event will rock your world if need CLARITY, a BREAKTHROUGH, if you’re ready to get your sh*t together and get UNSTUCK.

You’ll want to attend this event if:

You know you have skills but it’s hard to see your own stuff and you’ve been lost in a fog of confusion for too long!

You wonder if you’re overlooking something, missing a bit of information, not factoring in all the angles of a potential project or plan.

Your head is spinning from too many options and ideas and you feel overwhelmed so you do what? Nothing, that’s what.

Procrastination is kicking your butt, or it would be if you got off the couch long enough for it to reach your rear end!

You’re open to receiving communications from those who’ve crossed over or distant ancestors.

These are just learned emotional energies and behavioral patterns begging to be transformed!

So let’s do it. Let’s get together in a group and activate a stream of consciousness space. I’ll be coaching as many people as possible to work on specific issues that are holding you back from creating your best life right now while making you laugh!

I’ll put you in the Love Seat with me and we’ll see what happens! We don’t do “Hot Seat” work because I’m in the middle of menopause and hot anything is absolutely forbidden! Even if you aren’t individually coached you WILL experience shifts in awareness about your ability to create more than you can even imagine.

As your highly skilled intuitive guide, I hold a deeply calm and grounded space for the group which creates an opportunity for dots to connect, light bulbs to flash with authentic fire and sparkling inspiration to flood our systems with rejuvenation, new energy, and hope. Processing with the freedom to question everything creates an opportunity for serendipity and magic to occur and we will laugh! The Universe has a sense of humor and when we can laugh at ourselves we can more easily let go of limiting thoughts.

We can take the magic and turn it into practical action plans you can implement immediately!




You bring your tangles and confusion. Bring your DESIRE to make a CHANGE with the need to clarify HOW. Come with your restlessness and dissatisfaction with recurrent patterns in life. Your sense that something is afoot but your circular thoughts have you STUCK. Bring your nagging feeling that something is trying to come through you but it’s muddy, complicated, annoying as fuck; you know what I’m talking about!

*I’ll bring a lifetime of experience hearing the energy underneath spoken words.
*I’ll bring deeply focused Presence and over 23 years of professional skills and education to help you see the Truth of your Abilities, and vaporize old beliefs without triggering your sweet Ego’s defenses or causing shame attacks.
*I’ll create a sacred group space of vibrant possibility where anything goes.

This is not deep long-term coaching.


No agenda.

No script.

No plan.

Only opening doors that have been closed too long…a breath of fresh air…a firefly flash of wonder and potential for serendipitous solutions.

Are you ready to be truly seen, heard and witnessed?

Are you ready to discover your ability to create and some practical strategy to go get started?

You’re invited to join us Friday, Feb 19th 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM via Zoom