Celestial Crystal report

In this 10 to 20 minutes recorded session you receive a free flow of channeled information. This group of crystalline beings channel through me using this extremely potent Herkimer Diamond as an amplifier. They speak through one voice, a kind of spokesperson, and the name they have given me for them is BE ‘N The Gang. The spokesperson is BE and they have a sense of humor and so invite you to interpret their multi-layered name as you see fit.

You’re free to ask one or two specific questions on the intake form however please know BE communicates in imagery and direct statements for what’s needed right now for your well-being. This might be anything from Soul level information to him telling you to change your diet or drink more water.  As always you’re your own decision-maker and BE brings forward info that you may want to reject in the beginning so be sure to have an open mind when listening to your recording.

The bottom line is BE ‘N The Gang communication is more about what you need right now for validation or long-term growth and healing which is not always what our Mind wants to hear!

Some things to consider before booking are:

Am I willing to hear what I need to hear vs what I want to hear?

Am I seeking information to soothe anxiety or try to pin down a timeframe? (BE almost never answers a timeframe question as time is far too fluid to pin down.)

Do I understand it may take a few times of listening and a few days/weeks for me to start to understand some of what I’m being told?

If you feel ready to ask for their input I invite you to start the booking process:

    1. After clicking the button you will be taken to a booking page.
    2. You’ll see the price ($99) and a little informational blurb.
    3. Set your time zone and follow the directions to set your appointment – IMPORTANT NOTE: the time you pick does not matter at all – your recording will come within 5 business days of the time I get the appointment confirmation! Picking a time is just a technology bit needed to get you on my list so grab any old time you want.
    4. Make your payment via Venmo or PayPal to one of the addresses noted on the booking form in large bold letters.
    5. Within 5 business days, you’ll get an email from me with a link to your recording where you can download and keep it. I don’t keep these so please download to your own computer or cell phone ASAP.
    6. Ponder the information, journal about it, sit with it, and allow it to stir your own insight. They pack every message with activating energy so allow time for it to process. Listen more than once if you like!
    7. Enjoy!
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