Intuitive Energy Coaching

You have taken self-discovery classes, explored the law of attraction, and still yearn for something deeper, more satisfying. You know there has to be more to your life story.

You know, or suspect, you’re an Empath and can’t figure out how to function in the world without feeling like you’re drowning.

Despite everything you know about the importance of it you aren’t practicing your self-care skills because you’re constantly running around taking care of everyone else.

You start programs but don’t finish them or when signs of success appear you derail your train of progress.

You are currently at a place of feeling restless and discontent but not sure why.  You’re unsure what direction you should go with your career, your relationship, or your health.  You feel stuck, but you can’t see what is holding you back. You do what everyone else is doing but it doesn’t work for you.

You feel like you should be further along on your journey by now.

You are so bone tired of just going through the motions of day to day life and drowning yourself with distractions like bingeing on Netflix, Social Media, or with food or other substances.

You aren’t sure how to do it but you are ready to completely own and safely exercise your personal power. You can’t wait another day to live a life aligned to your soul’s goals so you can…

  • Take your healing gifts or creativity to the next level.  You know you’re good at what you do, but you are constantly second-guessing yourself, comparing and despairing or freezing in fear when it comes to taking the steps forward.
  • Feel empowered and make empowered choices in your spending, loving, and eating.
  • Identify what you really want at the core of your being so you can start to call it in with Divine ease.
  • Stand up tall, be open, feel expansive, and feel proud of WHO YOU ARE (in your work, relationship, and as your SELF).

If your soul is saying YES, and you feel a deep yearning toward any of this, then you are in the right place!  I created this program to help tune into your essence and clear your blocks so you can live an awakened life which by the way is your birthright!

Over the course of the program we will focus on…

  • Getting to know yourself on a deep soul level (gifts, shadow, desires, and all).
  • Re-framing your stories around money, your relationships, YOURSELF, your job, etc.
  • Clearing any energy blocks, emotions, or patterns that have been keeping you from living your desires (more money, happier relationships, losing weight, free from addictions, etc.).
  • Practical application of concepts to daily life.  I will teach you tips and tools that you can use in your everyday life to keep you calm, centered, and connected when things get overwhelming or stressful.
  • Manifesting, attracting your desires right to you and even better we will get crystal clear on what you actually desire in your experience. It may not be at all what you think!

Some of the results my clients have received from our work together…

    • Intuitive gifts opening up and coming online (clairvoyance and mediumship abilities).
    • Being able to move through the world with all their Empathic skills but none of the overwhelm.
    • Clearing money blocks and bringing more money into their current business and finding new streams of revenue arriving.
    • Creativity increased with art & jewelry making including opening a successful online business.
    • Healed relationships by learning to communicate more effectively free from stories and in doing so, saved their marriage.
    • Weight loss of 20 to upwards of 120 pounds by developing a complete understanding of the language of cravings.
    • Found and bought a dream home with more ease and grace than ever experienced before.
    • Learned that difficult bosses and co-workers don’t have to ruin the day or career experience. Also learned skills to handle recurring patterns in a specific type of person who shows up again and again.

If you’re ready to move forward, I’m so ready to dive in! I literally live for this process! Nothing makes me feel more alive than listening as you talk and perceiving the ways you are trapping yourself into a life that no longer works, if it ever did.  Then being able to guide you to your vast resources and personal power to create your own transformation is the best use of my time on this planet!

With this program you will receive…

    • 1 initial intensive call (2 hours) where we will dive in deep, I will access and read your energy system, and create a plan for our time together.
    • 8 more follow-up calls (appx. 90 minutes each) where I will support you in re-framing your thoughts and stories, clearing your blocks, trusting yourself, and creating space for eureka breakthroughs and tangible progress toward your goals and dreams. Every session you will receive one or more practical skills to use in creating change as well as resources to support your entire system in adjusting to new energies.
    • Essential oil recommendations and 1 small custom oil blend for your particular needs.
    • Text message and email support between our calls. You’re never in this all alone and you do not have to suffer in silence.
    • Special guided meditations to support you along the way.
    • FREE ticket into my power house Shadow Blessings self-paced course and private Facebook group.

*You can use these sessions at your own pacing anytime over a 4 month period. However, I recommend that you set a schedule of every 2 weeks and stick to it as the parts of you who aren’t sure about changes love to distract!* 

Your investment for this in-depth sacred transformation journey is: $2000.00 or 4 monthly payments of $510.00.

Full package


Feel the yearning but still have questions? Book a free 15 minute exploration call here. Read more about me.