Energy Blessing Wheel Live Class Nov 17th 2018

NOTE: this Facebook group is alive and well but I’ve had a request to hold another live event and so we will! Come to learn and play with us or if you already know how come to share in the energy and receive updates related to Forest Reiki™!

*I’ve kept the price the same and it applies to anyone attending the live event*

When bad things happen in the world do you feel helpless? Do you want so much to ease pain and hold space for healing but don’t know how? Is it hard to separate the world’s pain or our loved ones pain from your own?

If you’re an Empath are you negatively impacted or drained by world events or when those near and dear to you are hurting?

If you’re a Highly Sensitive Person are you negatively impacted or drained by world events or when those near to you are hurting?

Learning how to manage your own energy through the use of an Energy Blessing Wheel as well as offer focused love and energy to others including people, animals, even situations that are complicated or feel problematic. In this class, I will teach you how to offer assistance to those you love and to humanity as a whole without draining your energy. In fact, offering energy healing in this way can actually ADD to your own energy field!

You don’t have to know anything special or even understand how energy works to learn this simple. creative and fun process. We’ll meet live via Zoom for 2 to 2.5 hours and don’t worry you can block your camera if you don’t want to be seen!

I’ll teach you about distance healing methods, concepts behind how this works and ways you can use Energy Blessing Wheels for your own health and to help others.

When we’re done you’ll know how to:

Restore and clear your own energy, supporting your health and well-being and learning to use energetic boundaries to clear and seal your “space”.

How to offer assistance to those people and animals in war zones, natural disasters or political upheaval.

How to get clear when making decisions.

How to use this simple method for untangling complicated energies around events, workplaces, relationships, finances and more!

When we bless people, places and things we can be powerful change agents and see results in our lives sometimes immediately!

Join us November 17th from 1 pm to 3 pm EDT via Zoom. This is a live class but will also be recorded.

A recording will follow the class and be posted in a supportive and private Facebook so you don’t have to take notes.

*This class is suitable for ages 8 and up* 

$30.00 USD adults, FREE for kids 🙂