Monthly Group Coaching

In these turbulent times people have been reaching out to me more often for “hit & run” questions about how to get through the day. Headlines are repeated over and over and every day there is some new development that makes us nervous or tense. If we aren’t careful and staying centered we can start to believe the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are right around the corner. Here’s some good news: they aren’t.

More good news…

It’s been on my mind lately to expand my monthly calls to those who haven’t taken any of my courses. I’ve been feeling a need to create an opportunity for deeper group support and growth to those who either don’t know me yet or are still working with their finances in order to do more intensive coaching. To address this a monthly group coaching call (for men & women) is now available on a month by month subscription at a very affordable exchange rate of $11.00 USD.

You get access to laser energy coaching in a group format and you have access to download a recording afterward. Depending on the group size each month you may be personally coached live or you may benefit from hearing someone else’s coaching work. We’re all in this together I promise! Often a theme develops in every group call so everyone gets “worked on” even you aren’t the one in the spotlight.

For those of you new to me, this is a way for you to get familiar with my style. I will tell you the truth in every moment no matter how difficult. My most common feedback from clients is that I make them feel that they are “ok” at a deep level and that the practical skills I offer create lasting changes. My work is to take personal growth and spiritual concepts which are life changing in so many ways and make them practical and applicable to your life in every moment. We learn together through your life struggles how to take meditative states off the mat and into the world.

Really what good is Law of Attraction if you only apply it once a day to your bank account? How is studying the Tao Te Ching or Byron Katie’s The Work useful if you still suffer road rage or exhaustion or repetitive arguing with your partner? How does learning about your chakras and energy systems do you any good if you can’t stop eating (or anything else you’re doing compulsively)?

In my mind if spiritual studies and energy can’t be practiced while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning or packing lunches for your kids, trying to meet you sales quota at work or sitting in traffic they’re not much use to us. So group calls are a great way to explore how to handle a crabby boss, find love and take a look at your financial flow among the other aches and pains of being human.

My goal for this group is to give you a glimpse of what it means to be in control of your inner states, to introduce or reinforce to you that you are the one with all the power in your world and it’s just waiting for you to connect. I’ll do that through a group meditation and then open us up to laser coaching so bring your issue to the table and we’ll dive right in!

When: 3rd Tuesday of every month beginning February 21, 2017 via teleconference.

Time: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (USA)

How: Sign up through clicking the button below and when I get your information (please include your email address!) Each month I will send you a reminder a week before with call in details and you can also find me on Facebook for frequent updates.



How does this work?
This is a monthly subscription that is ongoing unless you choose to cancel. Monthly subscriptions are $11.00 via PayPal and they will charge your credit or debit card every month on the date you sign up. You can end your subscription any time however there are no refunds for group calls. Please be mindful that should you choose to cancel you will need to do so before the date of your next billing. For example, you sign up on February 1, you card will be charged that day and again on March 1, April 1, and so on. If you attend the call in February and don’t resonate with us you will have to cancel before March 1st in order to avoid being charged for the March group call.  ** You may download each month’s recordings to save and use again.
What do I get for spending my sweet moolah?
You get access each month to an exclusive live coaching call with me and a group of other callers. This call will vary based on group needs for the night however there will always be a guided meditation and live energy coaching. Even if you aren’t in the spotlight these live coaching conversations will help you in some way even if you don’t always recognize it in the moment. Group energy amplifies our power to change quickly and profoundly in measurable ways.
I still have questions who can I contact?
Please contact Michelle at