Forest Intensive Coaching Experience

When you come to this forest your body immediately begins to unwind. Like a tightly wound spring releasing, your ribs loosen, your lungs breathe more deeply and you will exhale stress with a sigh you may not even consciously hear.

I call this area the Valley of the Grandmothers. There are distinct and powerful feminine energies here that feel ancient, wise and filled to overflowing with compassionate acceptance. In this space, you are seen and loved not in spite of your flaws but because of how your light and shadow combine to create a magnificent woman who is intelligent, powerful and creative.

You will be drawn here because you have lost your way in the wilds of worldly demands and societal/cultural restrictions. You have been told your talents and skills don’t exist or aren’t welcome but the still small voice in your dreams knows these to be lies. You will feel drawn to my work for reasons you may not be able to articulate, you just KNOW you’re supposed to come here and destroy the old to create the new with me as your guide.

I am waiting here to remind over the course of our short time together who you are, who you have the potential to become and how to create a life that sustains and fills you in every way.

Together we will create a synergy of space for dissolution of limits and birthing of new ideas and inspirations. Each person’s experience is as unique as you are. I bring to you a lifetime of skills and over 20 years of professional experience in helping people vaporize shame, discover crystal clear clarity and experience the surge of personal power which comes when masks are allowed to fall to the ground. I’m able to deftly and with great compassion sidestep ego defenses and help you give voice and expression to that which desires to be spoken out loud, heard, witnessed and claimed.

Drawing on the energy of the Valley of the Grandmothers I will activate your Body’s own healing capabilities through Forest Reiki™ sessions, an evolutionary energy from traditional Reiki which partners with that of trees and plants. This modality which I was initiated to in 2004 has only this year become ready to enter the world in service to your transformational process. I’ll teach you this process as part of your time with me so that when you leave here you will know how to treat yourself to grounding, healing energy sessions any time you want or need them.

We will dissect stories and eliminate confusion as you take on a leadership role in your development. We will explore how life itself has been talking to you and you will remember how to speak Its language. You will meet your Body’s Animal Avatar and never again see your precious vehicle as an enemy to fight into submission but rather a strong gorgeous being with Its own wisdom.

We may do art, drumming or simple yoga.
We may journal with words or art supplies.
We may hike the local trails or walk in meditation through the trees.
We may sculpt, sway or simply sit by the creek and sleep.
We will play with essential oils and chocolates.
We will most assuredly cry and laugh and play with the cats and dogs who share our space.

I will teach you to perceive the voice of the Forest which guides you to hear the voice of your Heart. Your Heart which carries within it everything you ever need to know about how to thrive and laugh and create your world using the tools of Forest Reiki™, Joy, Acceptance, Storytelling, and Empowered Decision Making.

You will never again be chained into submission by shame, fear of rejection or imposter syndrome again.

You will leave here with skills and a practical plan to implement all the discoveries you’ve made. You will know all this and more:

**how to meditate and structure a daily practice.
**how to set goals in alignment with your desires.
**how to be the leader of your entire life including your career path and relationships.
**how to understand and prepare for the true process of goal achievement in all areas.
**how to handle resistance to doing what you KNOW is best for you.
**how to release relationships so that they can evolve, change or consciously dissolve.
**how to meet your Shadow with compassion, understanding, and love which expands your ability to radiate Light.
**how to welcome money and resources into your world as an energy you have the power to co-create with.

This experience now includes Forest Reiki™ Levels 1 & 2 if desired ($400 value)

Come and REMEMBER the TRUTH!

This process is held at my home and therefore requires an interview (click the graphic below). Lodging in a luxurious fully equipped RV beside my house is provided as are any supplies you may need for our activities. Food and transportation to the site are your responsibility aside from snacks and teas. We will cover all the details after we decide if this experience is your next right step in life.

The investment for this 3 day, 2-night intensive experience, until Fall of 2018, is $1500.00 USD and because investing in your growth at this level activates change even before your arrival there is no payment plan. NOTE: exchange will increase on Dec. 31, 2018, to $2000.00.

If you feel the call to join me in this coaching intensive simply click the photo below to schedule a time for us to talk by phone or Zoom video.

NOTE: this experience is intended to be a drug, including those labeled plant medicine, and alcohol-free time together. The embodiment of your transformation and learning new skills require that all parts of you be present and accounted for 🙂