Forest Reiki Energy Healing

Resolve anxious feelings, open your intuition, and regulate your nervous system with Forest Reiki ® training

Our brains are designed to look for what’s wrong, it’s not bad, it’s just a survival thing. Feeling happiness can actually cause our nervous systems to feel out of whack and “itchy”. If we don’t pay attention we can end up in chronic negative thinking habits. Feeling low grade crabby all the time has high impact consequences on our health, relationships, even our money!

How willing are you to feel joyful and happy more often than not? Does it seem strange that we have to teach ourselves to tolerate happiness? We really do and if you’ve experienced trauma it can be even harder to maintain the sensations of joy in your body!

Forest Reiki is an energy healing technique that partners with trees and the forests of the entire planet as a kind of tuning fork to help your body remember what it’s like to be deeply relaxed and calm and joyful. The process relaxes your muscles and eases your mind activating your body’s natural healing processes. When your body relaxes and your heart rate slows, the process brings to your awareness the thoughts and limiting stories or beliefs controlling your mindset and therefore your life. Forest Reiki as a daily practice brings the life force of the trees to your whole system which boosts your personal healing journey and creates space for even more than you could ever have imagined happening.

Forest Reiki is relieving anxiety, increasing the ability to focus, ending or significantly shifting low energy and blue moods, easing relationship tension, creating longer and more sound sleep, and exposing how we get in the way of our own success through negative mindset, addictions to food, the internet, and other forms of escapism.

Bottom line: Forest Reiki feels good!

you’re able to use the tools you have to shift your attitude.
you stop procrastinating.
you prioritize self-care.
you eat healthier and limit social media.
you stop comparing yourself to others.
you are the one in control of your mind not the other way around.

How is Forest Reiki® different from other forms of Reiki?

listen below to a Q & A session recorded live with students to find out

Are you ready to begin?

Forest Reiki® Level 1 

*Class is delivered via video recordings but includes my Energy Blessing Wheel recording + live Facebook group for real-time support

All of our transformative work begins within ourselves, therefore, Forest Reiki™ Level 1 is for you and your own healing process. That said, in learning how to radiate Forest Reiki those near you will naturally receive an activation for their own use should they choose to use it. This is no different from how laughter is contagious or how someone’s mood of joy can lighten up an entire room full of people. We are beings who find resonance with energies, with Forest Reiki Level 1 you are reclaiming your power to sense energy and CHOOSE for yourself which energies you will resonate with and which ones you will let pass by or through you without attachment.

In Level 1, you’ll learn about the forest as a living model or archetype for healing and transformation on an individual and global scale. You’ll receive the symbols, printable .pdf resources, and a print-quality Level 1 certification (once requirements are completed) via email.

Forest Reiki Levels 1 & 2 are recorded classes with live Facebook groups and email support.
You’re never learning all alone!

Forest ReikI® Level 2

[FR Level 1 is required first] *Class is delivered via video recordings but includes a live Facebook group for real-time support and quarterly get-togethers

This class takes Level 1 principles and increases your ability to radiate a more powerful flow of energy, again starting with yourself and then actively thinking of a person, place, animal or situation that you want to specifically OFFER energy to for the purposes of helping others begin to resonate with you. This is like when learning to swim or lift weights – we support the other and help them feel what we are radiating in order to offer the opportunity for them to activate their OWN PERSONAL POWER to heal themselves by matching resonance with us.

In FR Level 2 your ability to receive information from outside is elevated. Since you’re now familiar with your own energy feel you can begin learning to feel the energetic signature of others. Each emotion has a frequency; anger feels different from grief which feels different from joy. This allows you to start to recognize specific energies that are stuck in another’s energy field and loosely identify what it is. This method holds true whether you are working with a human, an animal or the Earth herself.

After Level 2 you can begin actively working with others and after certification, you can begin building a business providing this energy work to others if you choose. You can also talk to me about the Teacher Level should you feel called to teach others.

Both classes are now offered as recordings and include the active Facebook group for ongoing support and get-togethers

Level 1 + Energy Blessing Wheel video training
Level 2
Level 1 & 2 + Energy Blessing Wheel video training


I first learned traditional Usui Reiki in 1996 and have been using it ever since to heal myself, my family, clients and animals/plants. In 2004 I experienced an initiation in a forest that I never talked publicly about until 2018 and actually, the video below was the very first time I put it out in the world.

The reasons I started talking about it publicly are that one, celebrity death by suicide was happening so quickly it was breaking my heart. It also educated me to the fact that suicide rates are increasing at a rate that’s previously unheard of and I felt desperate, having dealt with bouts of suicidal ideation myself more than once, to help in any way I could.

Secondly, I received a clear message in meditation to stop messing around and begin sharing this information (see video).  No matter how much my ego might worry about going public with this level of “woo,” I was told and agreed it is time to help people return to the awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. Just as the forests are connected at the roots, so are we, and we must begin to live in that awareness in order to awaken ourselves and each other. In order to activate our deep ability to heal ourselves and then radiate that Oneness to everyone around us, we have to begin practicing the energy of Reiki, which simply means universal life force energy, in new ways. Forest Reiki is one of those new methods that takes the old and brings it forward in a way that’s effective for our times.


Our world is truly going through cultural and geological upheavals on a scale that very few people alive today have been direct witnesses to. The headlines are frightening because what’s happening in the USA and around the world is, in many cases, truly terrifying. Because we are met daily with a new disaster report and because most of us are empathic and sensitive to energies and the state of the world, these events are quite literally making us feel, if not actually become, physically and mentally ill.

Chronic stress depresses our immune system. Daily bombardment of negative energy creates new and aggravates existing inflammation, food sensitivities, and anxiety/depression, among many others. When each day seems to bring a whole host of events worse than the day before, the mind and then the body start to shut down.

In extreme cases, in my opinion, this is part of what’s influencing the skyrocketing numbers of death by accidental or purposeful suicide and increasing levels of addiction.

We are human. We can only endure so much without tools and training, and we haven’t known how to manage our energy fields effectively. Forest Reiki is one of THE most powerful tools I’ve experienced as an empath and highly sensitive person. It changed my life first for myself as I’ve used it for 18 years, and now it’s out there helping other people.

It’s profoundly rejuvenating and feminine, so much more so than traditional forms of Reiki. The trees were sending messages and dreams more and more frequently until it became undeniable that this method HAS to be in the world. Trees are connected around the world just like we are and are “telling” us how to survive and even thrive no matter how bad outer circumstances appear.

Helping people survive, thrive, and even feel GOOD is my best answer to the question, “So what? Why learn another energy healing method?”

Times change, and traditional Reiki needs updating. When we feel grounded, calm, and GOOD, we’re at our most powerful! When we manage our own lives by staying centered and healthy, we offer everyone around us an opportunity to awaken and thrive too. The ripple effect of this energy work cannot be underestimated!