Holistic Magic: Creating a Focused & Dynamic Life with Human Design & Forest Reiki™ Teacher Training

The message coming through from all directions seen and unseen is clear:

Stop fucking around and embody your magic.

What does that mean? It means putting an end to distractions. It means building bridges between who you think you are and who you really are.

It requires forming connections between your Body, your Home, and the Land you live on. If we are to survive and thrive we have to partner with our Body. It’s time.

Have you noticed that food isn’t working for you in the ways it used to?
Obsessing about other people can’t stop the calling from your Body. Constantly taking course after course looking for the magic money bullet is only making things worse.
Spending all your time on social media isn’t “satisfying” anymore.
Getting readings and pulling cards and all the things feels like wasted effort. Everything is blah and the inner restlessness is growing.
The word “blocked” can’t even capture the level of stuckness.
The search for something, anything, has you trying this, that, and the other thing but still…no contentment can be found.

It’s like you’re wearing a coat that’s too small and trying to avoid awareness of the painful pinch but all the ways you use to avoid it are now failing.

Nothing outside of you has the solution. Your Body has the answers.

We have to feel.
We have to feel the discomfort and step into it.
We have to feel the emotions we’ve avoided for generations but frankly, we just don’t know how to BE present in our bodies.
We don’t know how to feel at home in our home.
We don’t know how to hear the land we’re on that’s speaking to us all the time.

DIY one size fits all work that you’re expected to do on your own isn’t cutting it. The problems can’t be solved by the Mind that created them. Sitting alone with your thoughts will never resolve the dissatisfaction. Spending all your time meditating in/on the cosmos is blocking the process of embodiment.

It’s time to step into the physical. You aren’t like anyone else. You never will be. You literally can’t be.

Is it surprising you feel like no one understands?
Is it any wonder that you feel like an outsider?
Are you surprised that you’ve done so much work on yourself and your life feels just ok?

There’s nothing “wrong” per se but still you’re up in the middle of the night staring at the moon and stars restless and confused?

Your Body knows what to do with all of this. It knows how to resolve the hot restlessness. It has information for you and in Holistic Magic, we teach you how to listen closely using your unique roadmap of Human Design. It’s a process of merging Body and Mind to create Holistic Magic and bone-deep satisfaction in all areas of your life.

It’s not that problems go away – we are human after all – but this process takes you deeply into the Body on a journey through all 9 Centers.

What if the parts you’ve been trying to get rid of your whole life are actually your superpowers?

What if self-doubt is your greatest strength?

What if your need for downtime is literally required for your survival?

What if you are meant to skip steps and rarely finish what you start?

What if having emotional and environmental sensitivities to the world is how life is supposed to be?

What if you’re designed to pull in and amplify the energies surrounding you? What if that can be safe and energizing rather than draining?

What if your traumatic childhood is a treasure chest of unexplored gifts, talents, skills, and joys now that you’ve done the intense work of healing?

What if you started living from the knowledge that who you are right now is EXACTLY who you were born to be?

We aren’t “wrong” now and we never were. Holistic Magic shows you the way to accept and celebrate your WHOLE self right now!

Over the course of appx6 months, you’ll be skillfully guided through a process that will surprise and delight you. You’ll learn about your “rightness”, why you do the things you do, have wishes and dreams unique to you, and how to manifest the life you desire in partnership with your Body. You’ll clear out old energy, restore health, and activate magic through every zone of your Body.

What exactly does this all mean?

The rest of your life you’ll know exactly HOW to make efficient decisions for literally every area of your life. You’ll know how to go from confusion to clarity by being grounded and in a loving relationship with your body, home, and land.

You’ll be able to speak your Body’s language and move through life efficiently, making decisions and taking risks while feeling on purpose and safe.

When the ideas and to-do lists start spinning in your head you will know exactly how to slow down, ground in your Body, and receive specific answers from your own Human Design Authority. You’ll know what to do, when, and how.

Resolve old stories, Imposter Syndrome, Who-Am-I-To-Itis.

End compare and despair habits.

Open your natural intuitive psychic abilities and see where they may be focused in your Human Design.

Set and hold boundaries in your personal and professional lives.

Lovingly turn down the volume on limiting beliefs.

Turn up the volume on the part of you who KNOWS without a doubt what decision to make in every moment.

Feel at home in your Body, your physical home, and the land you live on.

Potentially awaken intuitive abilities such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, mediumship, psychopomp, or clear deep knowing.

Increase your ability to receive more money and more love.

Let yourself ask for and actually receive help!

Have clarity in your life purpose and a pathway of action steps to fulfill it.

End procrastination and resistance.

Your Body will become a living Oracle – trust me, my team and I love using our Tarot and Oracle decks but we no longer require them to access answers and advice.

“Being part of a human design course with Michelle Wolff has me feeling everything and it’s one of the hardest things I have ever done for myself and one of the best. It’s helped me to see my patterns, my wisdom and my shadows on a whole new level giving me permission to love all aspects of who I am and the choice to transform and heal what I no longer wish to carry. This is hard work people and it’s extremely rewarding.

Renee S ~ Greenville, SC

The Details

Dates and Times: We meet for 3 weeks then take 1 week off for rest and integration. All sessions are recorded. There will be times when we take 2 weeks off depending on scheduling needs and holidays. Some flexible days off are built into the time we’re together. You can plan for 6 months although you may finish earlier depending on your abilities and progress.

>>You will learn all about each of the 9 Centers live and the 64 Gates via recording.

>>You’ll be guided in a structured deep meditation into those Centers followed by live coaching and processing.

>>There is a closely monitored Facebook or Voxer space for resources and support in between sessions.

>>You’ll also be sent an intuitively created ultra-premium essential oil blend, a semi-precious gemstone mini-mala custom made for you only, and a curated box of luxury gifts to support your precious Body.

You’re investing in your own transformation AND you can open a new revenue stream with optional Forest Reiki training!

Investment: $5000.00

Single payment bonuses:

  • 1 Clarity Sessions for your use within 1 year of enrollment
  • Energy Blessing Wheel Course (a meditative healing tool)
  • Animal Avatar Journey
  • Ongoing teacher support, class workbooks, and marketing materials plus discounts on future programs and services

Payment Plan over 8 months: $650 monthly

  • Energy Blessing Wheel course
  • Animal Avatar Journey
  • Ongoing teacher support, class workbooks, and marketing materials plus discounts on future programs and services

You’re invited to set up a 15-minute phone call here for us to explore if this is a good fit for us to work together in this way.

Enrollment is ongoing. You must be fully certified in Level 2 Forest Reiki before enrolling.

“I just finished a program with Michelle. She has a real gift for creating and holding supportive and inspiring space. Michelle is all soul with a side of sass.”

Siobhan Nash Bend, Oregon, USA

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t like group classes but I want this experience. What do I do?

At this time the course is only a group experience because the collective energy uplifts everyone and amplifies the process of change. I highly encourage you to consider joining as it is so incredibly different. These courses are unusual in that people rarely miss a live class which makes the energy alive and electric. You’re never required to share or be coached and you will never be pressured in any way to participate. Feel free to be quiet and more in the background or practice speaking up and asking for what you want and need!

Do I have to be on camera?

No. All classes are audio-only for this course except for the occasional Q & A session.

What if I can’t afford it?

I totally understand this which is why I make sure to provide a variety of price points in Human Design 1:1 sessions, recorded classes, and coaching packages for couples or individuals. I have an enormous amount of high-value content available on my blog, a free Facebook group, Sovereign Storytellers podcast, and on my social media channels. All of my high-value easily accessible content can help you grow the capacity for wealth and transformation.

I’m Transgender. I’m Black. I’m Indigenous. Am I welcome here?

Yes, you are. My team and I are committed to creating an inclusive safe environment for all women. We aren’t afraid of hard conversations and are diligently educating ourselves on issues of white privilege, racial justice, LGBTQIA concerns, and those of Black Indigenous Persons of Color. I can’t promise we will get it right and we don’t expect you to do the heavy lifting of educating us. I can promise we will listen closely and do our best in every moment while recognizing there may be times our best may not be good enough and we’ll adjust accordingly.

“Being in Michelle’s programs have brought me such awareness and peace. Can’t recommend working with her enough!”

Caroline Thelen, South Dakota, USA