Reclaiming the Temple: Body Love for Women

Trying to lose weight, to look like those Instagram women, to fit in a certain size clothes? Please click off this page now because you’ll hate my course fir sure.

We don’t fuck with diets in my world.

Let me repeat that: we do not fuck with diets in my world. Got it?

We’re all about self-love and embodiment practices.

Your life feels hard and uncomfortable because you’re living in your head forgetting you have a body except when you need to buy new clothes or you get sick.

The truth is your body is a temple and I’m going to help you reclaim all the wisdom, power, and life-changing love held in every gorgeous cell of her.

We’re combining the magic of Forest Reiki™ energy healing, precise knowledge of Human Design, and Compassionate Honesty to heal our relationship with food and movement.

No one is ever going to tell you what you can or can’t do with your body again.

No one is ever going to be allowed to tell you that your size is a measure of your beautiful, powerful glorious worth.

This is for you if…

* you’re tired of feeling shame about what, when, and how much you’re eating
*you’re ready to mend the relationship with your soft animal self
* you’re an empath and eating turns down the intensity level of feeling all the things

*you won’t go to the gym because you know people will look at you
* you’re so DONE with BS dieting

* you take care of everyone else except yourself
* when you’re told what to do your first response is “fuck that” and you rebel against it (even if it’s you telling you!)

Your cravings, skipping exercise, and eating patterns are an exquisitely designed alarm system letting you know something needs your attention. It’s telling you there is something to feel and until it is felt you will stay stuck.

Only no one ever told us that.

When we start getting totally honest, working with the knowledge of Human Design, and daily Forest Reiki™ treatments, excess weight becomes a data reference point only. Your belly tells you something. Your thighs another. Cravings are communication. Overeating is a message. Refusing to exercise is data only.

I’ve found a way to undo diet industry damage!

We CAN effectively relax into a new relationship with our precious bodies by combining these processes and leveraging group energy in live classes.

I have been way out of control more than once or twice or a thousand times. I still ate compulsively most evenings before 2018. I still ate when I didn’t want to eat another bite. I still ate gluten and spent hours in extreme pain from bloating and vomiting. I felt like I did when I was hooked on nicotine and smoking with bronchitis: in tears, in pain, burning with the shame of self-destruction, and totally unable to stop myself. I often felt like I was literally force-feeding myself like a foie gras goose in France only I was stuffing down cartons of ice cream and baskets of french fries.

I decided to try compassionate honesty and refusing to shame myself. I started experimenting with these processes and found that although it was still uncomfortable to change I was approaching my emotions with kindness.

I stopped looking for the magic pill-plan and started looking inside only. I was able to stop thinking about change and actually make the choices that create change.

I became a quitter. I quit compulsively weighing. I quit shaming myself, and I quit avoiding the word fat in conversation. I started buying clothes that fit and I went back to wearing sleeveless tops because damn it, it’s hot outside! I love my body now I really do. I am at peace with or without a scale. A number no longer gets to tell me how to feel for the day!

I am not at peace with spinning out of control or eating compulsively and feeling literally insane with food. I will never again eat while crying because I want so badly to stop and don’t know how to do it. I will never fear my own emotions again.

I want this confidence and freedom for you too because…


You can reclaim your body from the people and industries who have separated you from it! When you know how to apply information that literally changes everything you can fall in love with yourself, really!

In the very first week of our group, you’ll know exactly what to do and how to meet your needs without food as Band-aid, comforter, and problem solver that really creates more problems.

When it’s time to exercise and the internal back and forth WAR begins, you’ll know exactly how to handle it. You’ll know how to appease your Rebel Self with ease and still get the job done.

I know you’ve tried losing weight & exercising before & “failed”. You know another plan is not what you really need.

I’m offering a group journey where we won’t be discussing dieting. It’s not about the food or the weight and yet it also is about food, weight, and exercise. It’s not even about totally loving your body although you will get to feel that along the way.

This journey is about you choosing to exercise, choosing what you eat and when without shame, without compulsion, without bypassing what’s really going on.

You will feel the normal discomfort of change but none of this is about taking anything away. We get to REBEL against the diet industry that has taught us to hate ourselves. I won’t be asking you to change your food choices or count your calories. I don’t care what your allergies are or which foods you binge on. 

I will be asking you to take reclaim your body in these ways:

  • a 5-minute food and/or exercise plan daily using your Human Design Authority to make choices
  • a 10 minute Forest Reiki energy session every single day
  • a 5-minute end of day Review and Reminder session using compassionate honesty  

That’s it. 3 things. There is more education coming but these 3 things alone will start shifting your consciousness.

This is set up as a 60-90 minute group live video session with me each week for 8 weeks total with a week off for integration in the 4th week.

You’ll have homework and you’ll have Facebook group support between calls. I’ll recommend some essential oils that are optional. I’ll be giving you a ton of resources and an aftercare plan because this isn’t about being “fixed” or losing a predetermined amount of pounds. This is a deep change that takes time.

The skills you learn last a lifetime and can be applied to any other area of your life. No more feeling like you’re drowning and no one can save you.

Come with me for 8 weeks and I’ll show you that you can save yourself!

May 16th – June 27th
1 pm to 3 pm EST

We’ll meet weekly on Zoom for 7 weeks with group support between classes. Facebook group support is ongoing in a graduate group.

Recordings will be available if you have to miss a session or can’t attend live and the Facebook group is very active.

I can’t wait to give you all this and so much more…

  • Forest Reiki Level 1 attunement class recordings, handbook, Facebook group, and potential for certification (my strongest body-love tool!)
  • Human Design Type, Strategy, and Authority recorded reading (if you haven’t already had a reading with me)
  • Printable skills training workbook
  • Educational resource materials and ebooks
  • Active Facebook group with me, you, and your group plus afterward you receive ongoing support from me and prior participants in a Graduate group!
  • The option to add a discounted 1:1 Clarity Session
  • The option to add Level 2 Forest Reiki attunement recorded class, handbook, Facebook group, and potential for certification

Are you ready to fall in love?


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