Heart Expansion Series

Are you ready to experience life from the Heart? Can you even imagine what that might feel like? Do you know what it means to EMBODY LOVE?

My 3 Session Heart Expansion series is for you if these sounds familiar:

  • When you meditate on your Heart you feel numb, empty, a heavyweight or deep sadness.
  • You’re wrestling with conflict in your relationships with colleagues, family, and especially close partners.
  • You’ve been searching for a partner for so long that you find it hard to believe you’ll ever find love.
  • You know that forgiveness is needed to move forward in your life but it is just SO HARD to set yourself free.
  • You KNOW you have GIFTS to offer the world but you just CAN’T FIND CLARITY. The steps to get started are OVERWHELMING and so you just pass day after day with your dreams unrealized.
  • You’re so tired of feeling ALL ALONE in the journey toward your INTUITIVE AWAKENING


**Learn how to listen to the WISDOM CENTER of your Heart?

**Really experience all the knowledge and gifts just waiting for you to SEE and WELCOME them into reality?

**Experience the OPEN HEART needed to call in your TRIBE to welcome the others who are waiting to connect with you and share the journey?

I know how to guide you to your GIFTS, your PEACE, your FLOW.

My life has always been in service to my awakening, to awaken others and to lead the way for men and women by walking my talk and being very direct and REAL with my clients at all times. I have over 21 years of professional experience helping people AWAKEN, clear the stories blocking their SUCCESS and create PRACTICAL PLANS with step by step goals toward a more AUTHENTIC life!

I bring extensive experience with all forms of human pain, deep compassion and the ability to see right to the core of the issue and guide you toward seeing it clearly for yourself maybe for the first time in your life. I work with my clients on the deep issues that are in the way of progress. Together we explore the issues that you can’t even see yet.

I guide my clients to…

— Remove the masks that are weighing them down and rewrite the stories that caused you to create them in the first place.

— Identify the function for behaviors like PROCRASTINATION, ADDICTIVE TENDENCIES and OVERWHELM. When we find what these behaviors have been created for we unravel them easily and life changes.

— Teach them ancient ENERGY TOOLS so they can have more time, money, peaceful relationships, and a deep understanding of how to manage energy levels throughout the day avoiding burnout and exhaustion.

— Understand the WHY, the HOW and what to DO to create change anytime they want it in any area of life.

— BE themselves in ALL AREAS so that the energy drain of “hiding” in life is GONE!

— EXPERIENCE FREEDOM in the Heart like they’ve never felt before as well as feeling POWERFUL, CONFIDENT and ABLE TO CHOOSE  their response to life rather than being blown around by others.

I welcome you to this 3 session journey into the magical world of your HEART!  *I will receive a notice when you sign up and will email you the link to the scheduler and some pre-session questions within 24 hours so please make sure to list your current email address when in PayPal!*

I’m ready!