Hearth and Home: 40 Days of Holiday Support Starts Nov 24

Imagine our last day of journeying together, January 2, 2018. You wake up relaxed, calm and centered. You made it through the entire holiday season with energy to spare, budget intact, proud of yourself for how you managed it all so different this time! You might’ve slipped and had some not so holiday cheery moments but you grounded your energy and kept right on going!

You were able to, even as an empath, move through holiday events retaining your energy and keeping your aura clear and bright!

You ate foods that nourished you and while having some treats still easily maintained loving respect for your precious body!

And best of all, you remembered to stay centered in your power place by breathing deeply and fully every time you felt your stomach tense or your throat get tight!

How are we going to create a January 2nd for you like this? Starting Nov 24th and over the next 40 days you’ll receive:

**Weekly emails loaded with information from my heart to yours.

**Live Zoom call for REIKI LEVEL ONE attunement.

**Daily live audio and/or video reminders in a private Facebook group filled with warm companionship and support.

**Grounding and centering recorded and live meditations.

**Oracle card readings at least twice in the group delivered live.

**Seasonal ritual ideas for the whole family.

**Optional Essence Board and other Art projects activities.

**Soothing essential oil blends, hot nourishing drinks and blood sugar stabilizing snack recipes.

**Energy Blessing Wheel instructional video and photo ideas.

**Video prompts from my Shadow Blessing course to support you accepting yourself AS YOU ARE!

**Video prompts for how to handle those potentially turbulent family gatherings. You really can sail right through them with ease and grace!

Every day for 40 days I will be holding a space permeated with peace, and healing energy. You will be held in support, ease, comfort, and calm for your body, mind, and Soul! This can be a holiday season like nothing else you have ever experienced before!

Will you join us in creating the best possible potential for this coming January 2nd to be like no other you’ve experienced before?

You can purchase the course alone or you can upgrade to receive the class + a 1:1 session with me for 25% off the regular price of $100. Options are in the drop-down menu below:

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