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I help overwhelmed people end procrastination and start achieving tangible results on their goals

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Befriending your body makes you a more potent healer, powerful teacher, and an unstoppable leader in your business and personal worlds. Is your Body your best friend or any of these more like your experience?  > As an empath, you’re emotionally drained by everyone else’s fear and panic, especially now, and are paralyzed, unable to […]

Resolve anxious feelings, open intuition, & heal your nervous system with FOrest Reiki® training Our brains are designed to look for what’s wrong, it’s not bad, it’s just a survival thing. Feeling happiness can actually cause our nervous systems to feel out of whack and “itchy”. If we don’t pay attention we can end up […]

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Allowing All Emotions

Allowing All Emotions

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There is sadness here and I love that. There is anger here and I welcome it. There is anxiety present and that’s ok. There is happiness present and I welcome it. There is regret here and I’m aware of it. There is jealousy here and I love that.  There is pettiness here and it’s allowed. […]

It’s Time to Get Angry

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Anger is often the missing piece when you feel stuck. Finding the rage at the injustices in your life can truly set you free from drifting and procrastinating. If you’re spinning in-between options or stuck in confusion explore what you might be mad about and let yourself get pissed off. Women suppressing anger bogs down […]

Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

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Finding your life purpose or your perfect business can be like standing in the shampoo aisle at the grocery store. Some book told you that you need to pick ONE! But there are 500 pretty bottles with catchy names, a dizzying list of ingredients, colors, and shine and formulas for frizz, volume, smoothing, sulfates and […]

Love Letter to You

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