Befriending your body makes you a more potent healer, powerful teacher, and an unstoppable leader in your business and personal worlds. Is your Body your best friend or any of these more like your experience?  > As an empath, you’re emotionally drained by everyone else’s fear and panic, especially now, and are paralyzed, unable to […]

Resolve anxious feelings, open intuition, & heal your nervous system with FOrest Reiki® training Our brains are designed to look for what’s wrong, it’s not bad, it’s just a survival thing. Feeling happiness can actually cause our nervous systems to feel out of whack and “itchy”. If we don’t pay attention we can end up […]

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Love Letters from Clients

my clients learn how to focus and achieve their dreams


    “I wanted to give you some feedback on Forest Reiki™ –

    I learned traditional Usui Reiki about 20yrs ago. I liked the attunements and the ability to feel energy. But didn’t resonate with me. It’s too rigid for my personality. I didn’t like the pre-prescribed hand positions. Also, having to constantly be thinking about pulling in earth energy and divine energy was distracting.

    Enter Forest Reiki™. It has a warmth and fluidity that is deeply calming to me. When I practice FR, I just step inside the world tree. It holds me. I open the heart of the world tree inside of my heart and the FR energy just flows. I’m not distracted by pulling divine or earth energy as the world tree does it for me. Instead of the cool, masculine energy of Reiki, I’m awash in a feminine sweet, love energy.

    If you resonate with Usui Reiki, sweet! Keep at it but I highly encourage you to explore Forest Reiki. Discover if there’s a whole other dimension of energy available to enhance your life/practice.”

    - Forest Reiki™ from Heather W.
  • Michelle is caring and compassionate. She has a lot of life experience that she uses during a session and she knew just how to navigate our conversation so that I didn’t feel like I wasn’t being heard. Each question she asked me dove deeper to the heart of the issue, which is the point of having a coach. From our sessions, she has taught me techniques that I use everyday to get me out of a funk or just to shift my mind to a better place. Her energy is powerful and can be felt even after we hung up! If you’re looking for someone that is just going to agree with you with no real results, Michelle is not for you. But if you’re looking to make a life change, I highly recommend scheduling a session now.

    ~Michelle Lee   Ft. Mitchell, KY

    - Michelle
  • re: The Energetics of Eating program

    I found that when I decided to go on a “no-sugar” diet it was easy. No panic at the thought of “DIET START DAY”, no last minute shoveling in of all the treats I was fixing to not eat and NO anger at myself or the world for denying myself sugar. No grumps, no fuss. Amazing!

    ~ Catherine C. Missouri

    - Catherine R
  • Michelle really helps you dig deep into your issues and bring to light what is blocking you so that you can find your purpose and passion in life.

    ~ Linda, Puerto Rico

    - Linda
  • I’ve been consciously choosing more foods that are good for me, and less that aren’t. Generally, when attempting to eat less sugary carbs, I struggle for a couple of weeks with the cravings, almost non-stop. Then, every few days, the cravings are back, until I cave in. Not this time! I can see the sweet goodies, and decide to leave them alone. And forget about them! Michelle Wolff has really helped me with shifting my focus; it’s no big deal to say no to sugar, etc. No cravings!

    Lynorah C.

    - Lynorah
  • “Mchelle has been a constant support in my journey for close to a year now. I can’t say enough about her gifted intuition and knowledge. Her workshops are some of the best tools I have ran across in all the years I have been working on self improvement. When you are truly ready to move forward and unblock your future, Michelle is the one to turn to to find some effective options. So what are you waiting for?”

    ~ Cindy G. Washington (state)

    - Cindy G

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Allowing All Emotions

Allowing All Emotions

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Finding Your Life Purpose

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