All the experts tell you, “If you’re in business you’ve got to make an effective connection to marketing and sales, content needs to be produced, and social media posts need to be posted.”

And you’ve been trying!

You’ve studied. You’ve got to-do lists. You know what to do but is implementation happening on the daily? Well…not so much.

Chances are you’re doing (forcing) all the things OR you know all the things to do but you can’t seem to make yourself do them. You’re likely here because your business isn’t growing or functioning as well as you know in your bones it could be. You know that you’re procrastinating but you can’t seem to change it no matter how hard you try!

If that’s the case then Less Hustle More Human Design is for you.


If you’re showing up, taking courses, watching 100 webinars on how to get clients or customers but aren’t getting the results you want, or feel gross using scripted tactics this is for you.

Less Hustle More Human Design is an 8 week Human Design informed strategy course for businesses at any stage from vague idea to fully developed and ready to expand. We want to do everything we can to get more folx out there doing their thing in the world with ease. We also know ease can be an unfamiliar state of existence but here’s the thing; we weren’t meant to hustle or struggle or force our way to success! Using your Human Design Type, Strategy, and Authority along with a 24-hour business plan plus some working woo changes everything. Following through on the tasks needed to build, sustain, and grow a business is so much easier.

Human Design brings powerful alignment as a solopreneur. It brings teams together by leveraging members’ individual strengths and learning styles. HD helps because it’s not one size fits all. It’s a unique personality assessment system that’s far more accurate than others. It’s effective because it can be immediately applied to your current situation. This method gets results!

What kind of results can I expect?

  • cohesive and effective marketing strategy language and timing of posts
  • increased sales/revenue
  • skills for training your nervous system to handle being “seen” and to be comfortable with more money
  • less desperate hustling so there is a sense of ease (business isn’t supposed to make you miserable!)
  • cohesive and bonded teams (decreased attrition rates)
  • looking forward to creating content rather than dreading it and procrastinating
  • knowing exactly what to do for the day and actually getting that sh*t done
  • actually getting started live streaming and/or video content creation
  • learning strategies to end the hold that Imposter Syndrome, shame, fear, generational patterns, and more has on your creativity and energy for production

Let’s do this! What’s the setup?

We meet weekly live via Zoom for 8 weeks. You bring your goals and I’ll guide you to completion.

You’ll receive specific Do and Don’t Do actions to take for your social media posts, vendor events, all the things based on your Type, Strategy, and Authority. I only share tactics and methods that are proven to work!

You’ll finally understand why group momentum is so high when everyone’s together but once the group ends you lose steam. Even better, you’ll know what to do to keep that momentum and energy high so no more womp womp. 

You’ll receive a website and social media assessment that lets you know immediately if your message is clear and the pathways for people to work with you are present. If anything is off-key you’ll get exact instructions for how to fix it!

Then for the next 6 weeks, we’ll meet for real-world application, discussion, questions, fine-tuning, and coaching. There will, of course, be a Facebook group for questions, peer support, brainstorming, practicing live streaming/posting, and spot coaching.

By the end, you won’t let procrastination derail you another moment, feel overwhelmed by all your ideas and options, or be confused about why your actions don’t result in sales.

You’ll know how to motivate yourself, your employees (your kids lol!), or your team, how to structure your efforts for maximum efficiency and you’ll start having fun in your work! FUN!

>> We meet July 15 – Aug 29th  –  via Zoom from 1 pm to 2:30 PM EDT for 8 weeks. <<

*BONUS Videos, journal prompts, and/or Zoom classes are held weekly for extra support and learning*

All sessions are recorded. E-books and other resources, as well as professional level Human Design charts, are included.

“I just finished a program with Michelle. She has a real gift for creating and holding supportive and inspiring space. Michelle is all soul with a side of sass.”

Siobhan Nash


Let me help you get sh*t done like this!


INVESTMENT: $397 per person monthly or $750 single payment *10% discount for groups of 8 or more. 

*scroll down for payment buttons

VENMO preferred to @michellewolff11

Frequently Asked Questions:

I don’t like group classes but I want this experience. What do I do?

At this time the course is only a group experience because the collective energy uplifts everyone and amplifies the process of change. I highly encourage you to consider joining as it is so incredibly different. These courses are unusual in that people rarely miss a live class which makes the energy alive and electric. You’re never required to share or be coached and you will never be pressured in any way to participate. Feel free to be quiet and more in the background or practice speaking up and asking for what you want and need!

What happens if I miss a class?

First of all we’ll miss you! You’ll miss the opportunity to be coached but all the classes are recorded and accessible to you within 72 hours

Do I have to be on camera?

No. We understand that being seen on Zoom can be stressful for many people and we want you to feel relaxed and ready to learn. Camera on is always optional!

What if I can’t afford it?

I totally understand this which is why I make sure to provide a variety of price points in Human Design 1:1 sessions, recorded classes, and coaching packages for couples or individuals. I have an enormous amount of high-value content available on my blog, a free Facebook group, Sovereign Storytellers podcast, and on my social media channels. All of my high-value easily accessible content can help you grow the capacity for wealth and transformation.

I need a longer payment plan. Can I have one?

If we’ve worked together in the past and you’ve successfully completed a payment plan with me before most likely yes! You can also start by making a deposit before we start and your first payment by the cut off date. It’s best to schedule a 15-minute call or email me a proposal at

I’m Transgender. I’m Black. I’m Indigenous. Am I welcome here?

Yes, you are. My team and I are committed to creating an inclusive safe environment for all people. We aren’t afraid of hard conversations and are diligently educating ourselves on issues of white privilege, racial justice, LGBTQIA concerns, and those of Black Indigenous Persons of Color. I can’t promise we will get it right and we don’t expect you to do the heavy lifting of educating us. I can promise we will listen closely and do our best in every moment while recognizing there may be times our best may not be good enough and we’ll adjust accordingly.

“Being in Michelle’s programs has brought me such awareness and peace. Can’t recommend working with her enough!”

Caroline Thelen, South Dakota, USA

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