Hello Reno!

My work in the world involves an advanced form of Reiki, coaching, mindset and a little magic. My primary intention is to work with you and also teach you as we go the skills to maintain your growth and handle challenges in daily life as they come up.

I’m an energy alchemist. I am able to see underneath the surface and listen to your words but more importantly, I can hear the story underneath that is holding you in place, preventing your forward progress and locking emotions in your body. My sessions are dynamic, focused completely on your needs and therefore no 2 sessions are alike. I’ve learned from over 22 years of experience that your system wants to be high functioning energetically and physically and so will guide us to exactly the right places where you can benefit from our work the most.

Reiki is a clothed, non-touch energy treatment that is equally effective in person or from a distance and since I’m a past therapist and current coach I’m able to ask you questions and teach you tools that go right along with the shifts that Reiki can create by itself. You will leave with information about where you are and practical tools and tips, that if practiced daily, will take you where you want to go.

PREMIUM OPTION: a 60 – 90 minute recorded session of Reiki, Coaching, Energy System Reconstruction and Belief Busting plus premium essential oils (a small sample bottle is sent to you afterward by mail) $250

**please make your investment of $250 by clicking the button below and be sure to include a current email address so that I can send your pre and post-session information directly. Within 24 hours after payment, I will email you instructions on how to book your appointment.