Sacred Sacral Sessions

Have you been exploring Human Design?

Are you a Generator or Manifesting Generator and don’t really understand your Sacral Center? Do you feel or hear your Sacral Response but your Mind chimes in and you get confused?

What if you trusted your body’s Sacral Response so much that even when your Mind starts in with the blah-blah you’d follow your Body anyway?

Can you imagine that it’s possible for you to make all your decisions from a place of peace? From a place of confidence? It’s true!

By choosing to slow your thoughts and relax you can learn to hear the decision making power of your Sacral Response. The verbal uh-huh, unh-huh, or yes/no that tells you exactly what decision to make right now and it’s always accurate. 

You can cultivate the ability to access this power at any moment to make decisions on large and small issues.

Your life doesn’t have to be a whirlwind of stress, anxiety, and snapping at your loved ones. You can make calm decisions and set yourself up for success with your Human Design and a flourishing Sacral Center.

If this sounds crazypants then you need a Sacred Sacral Session!

Sacral Sessions help you if…

**You’re really tired of feeling confused and overwhelmed to the point of just giving up or being a procrastinator master.

**You’ve yelled at your family or friends one too many times out of frustration. You’re only trying to help and you want to know WHEN to help those you love and when to let it all go.

**You’re overeating, over-drinking, or over Internet-ing and feel like you can’t stop. You don’t know how to address what’s really hurting inside.

**You’ve been doing all the right things to achieve success but without results.

**You’re not sure what a Sacral Response really means!

Together in your session, we will

*wake up your internal yes/no unh-huh unh-huh response with quick rounds of questions designed to bypass the Mind’s chitter-chatter.

* clear and cleanse your entire energy system and explore what might be making it hard to “hear” your Sacral wisdom.

* create a plan with practical energy tools and techniques for putting this into action immediately. This plan includes re-listening to your recorded session and a recorded energy clearing meditation.

Ready to jump in?

After purchase a link will arrive for you to schedule your Sacred Sacral Session. If you don’t get that in your email please email me –

Single Session

What clients are saying about these sessions:

“Michelle, it was such an amazing session. The work has affected me at a very deep level. Did some of the exercises we did during the session and reminded my chakras that it was safe to stay inside me and that I was committed to remembering to keep them inside and tended to. I went to bed and slept until 6:30 on Sunday. Unheard of for me!! I awoke so rested and feeling amazing. Beautiful, even!” ~ Nina B., Oregon

“Each session with Michelle Wolff has been remarkable at revealing just what I needed at the moment. It has been some of the best inner work I have ever experienced. With Michelle as your guide, she knows just how to read your energy to get you from where you are, to where you want to go. She has a brilliant way of leading you on a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery. She helps to uncover blocks to whatever may be standing in your way. I may have said this before, but these sessions are not for the faint of heart! You dive deep into your unconscious and come out with a power that was within you; a power that you know was there all along. A session is just the beginning that leads to an opening into a whole new strength to carry on. Take this sacred time for you with Michelle. It is the ultimate in self-care.” ~ Michelle S., Kentucky