Shadow Blessings

There are jewels in the ashes of your burned down dreams. There is a sunrise for every sunset. There is power hidden in the broken ships which have wrecked upon your shores.

We can find them together.

We can find the Sacred in our Shadow. We can locate the buried treasures in our inner landscapes.

Can we observe, hold, love and integrate Shadow using the alchemy of compassionate acceptance?

Yes, we can and we must.

How big is your Shadow?

What is Shadow?

Every time we cast judgment on ourselves or other people, places or things we create Shadow. Shadow is where our rejected parts live and chain us in place no matter how hard we strive to move forward. Because we cannot actually rid ourselves of anything, rejected energy has to go somewhere and pushing it out of your awareness may be creating fatigue, malaise, apathy and boredom in your daily life experience.

The answer is not more grasping and striving. The answer is Compassionate Alchemy.

Unclaimed and rejected power can be bogging down your relationships, impacting your job and worse eating you alive with a restlessness that cannot be soothed though you have tried it all and then some.

Ignoring Shadow also can set you up for Cosmic 2×4 situations. You know, the times you ignored signals it was time to address something within you that was creating something outside of you and you didn’t? So you ended up with a figurative 2×4 stick of lumber to the head forcing you into a course correction?

Shame Attacks? You finally start to speak and end up paralyzed by that squirmy feeling? You freeze or flee, emotionally triggered by the stories that say you should never speak! The voices that shout, “Oh my God, shut up! I can’t believe you said something so ridiculous! When will you ever learn to keep your mouth shut!” Ever heard that voice in your head? Ugh, can we stop that already?

The stories and judgments that create and hold Shadow in place can be undone through blessing them daily, through gathering your courage and opening your arms.

How many times a day do you hate on yourself? On your job? Your relationships?

How much of your energy is spent fighting the reality of each moment as it is?

Let’s take a look at resolving these issues, let’s embrace the darkness and discover how strong we actually are by following a short daily practice for just 40 days.

Would appreciating yourself for 40 days in a row be a gift you could give yourself? Would it be ok to experiment and explore the possibility of change through blessing and acceptance? Would you be willing to experience increasing your energy reserves by dissolving the blocks to accessing unlimited Source?

Join me in a daily practice of unwinding through deep kindness, compassionate practice and total acceptance of all the parts we have hated for too long.

Join me in applying the energy of Compassionate Alchemy to what for too long you have judged as Unwanted Lead and transform it into Gold. We can do this and it can be life changing.

Each day in a private Facebook group you can access a short informational video on topics related to Shadow, a blessing for specific areas and instruction for exploration along with a recommendation for an optional Young Living essential oil which can help support your transformation and integration in each area.

40 days of blessings. 40 skills or journal prompts. 40 essential oil suggestions. 40 days to increased energy and freedom. 40 days of treasure hunting and treasure claiming.

Are you ready to walk with me?

*note that this experience is a daily video so you can work at any time at your own pace and this also requires that you have a Facebook account in order to be included in the secret and private group space for this sacred work*

Join Us