See Me Shine – Starts Feb 22

It’s not easy putting yourself out there to be seen and yet you know you need to, have to, if not to build a business but to simply stop having family photographs that don’t include you! I hear from so many people, mostly women, who say they’d love to have live stream conversations, produce videos or be comfortable in front of the camera but they can’t.

Why? Why is it so hard to not feel squirmy, weird and incredibly self-critical and shamey when faced with a camera lens? Who do we dodge the event photographer only to look back and feel a shadow of sadness that everyone we love is documented except us? Why do we cringe, shriek and send a panicked message to someone who had the nerve to publish a photo of us on social media?

The short answer is the stories in your head that compare you to every other person you’ve ever seen! She’s prettier, he’s got that great chin, my ________is too big, too small, too freckled, too whatever you think is not good enough.

Ugh! Enough already! Life is too short to feel ashamed of your beautiful face! Your loved ones don’t see you the way you do, they look at you with love – you can look at you with love also. Your partner really means it when he/she says, “Leave the lights on.”. Your friends really mean it when they say you look gorgeous! It doesn’t matter what your physical container looks like in comparison to others
– we know this in our heads – now let’s know this on our bodies!

*Did those statements make you feel weird? Good, then this group is for you!*

Fair warning this will be challenging and I have a no refund policy! You may feel queasy, nauseous, alternately excited but also wanting to run far far away! You might resist doing your homework through procrastination, distraction, cupcakes, and Netflix! However, let me say this to you – fear cannot be effectively rejected or positive mindset talked over but it CAN BE SEEN, listened to, validated and gently moved out of the driver’s seat!

Why even put yourself through this?

>>Being SEEN and able to receive attention (energy) increases your ability to receive ALL of LIFE!
>>Being SEEN increases your client/customer/blog base (assuming you do not have other blocks to success).
>>Being SEEN allows you to receive more LOVE, more OPPORTUNITIES, and more SUPPORT from others (who are looking for you right now!)
>>Your work is NEEDED in the world and resistance can no longer be allowed to stop you plus you have to BE SEEN to be found! (can you hear me shouting “damn it, we need you!”?)
>>You deserve to FEEL EMPOWERED in your body!
>>You deserve to feel PLEASURE when you see and touch your physical self, hear your own voice and become aware of your Body’s CONSCIOUSNESS.

Here is what I’ve created for you and a group of other women including those who identify as female:

**6 weekly LIVE calls of education, meditations, laser coaching and moving energy around body image and self-love. PLUS meeting your Animal Avatar which is often a game changer for this whole body image thing.
**Homework projects – sacred selfies, journal prompts, art projects, videos, livestreams, guided meditations and…more as we go!
**Step by step technology instruction such as how to set up and use Zoom, Periscope, Facebook live and how to hold a teleconference call.
**Secret Facebook group where we can practice together all the techniques for being seen.
**Written 8 step plan with tips for how to maintain your growth after classes end.
**50% discount on one Serendipity Session good until July 1, 2018 ($100 value).
**Entry into my Shadow Blessings course for ongoing resources, videos and group support for unraveling your Shadow parts trying to keep you safe but instead keeping you stuck ($197 value!).

Are you ready for your close up?
Are you ready to tackle this once and for all?
Are you ready to have the support of a tribe of others who totally get it and can support you?

Let’s get going then!

February 22nd, from 6 pm to 830 pm (EST) via Zoom (and yes, you have to turn your camera on!)
*NOTE: 3 weeks we have live class, 1 week off for “simmering”, then 3 more weeks together live.*
*see investment options below.*

“Michelle’s gift is that she can see what is hidden from you and gets right to the heart of the issue. She is careful to listen to your energy and undertones. She is compassionate and gives you practical tools you can use. Working with Michelle to clear my blocks and implement new awareness into my daily life is the best decision I ever made for myself.” ~ Bailey, Ft. Collins, CO

Best Value — single payment of $575

2 payments of $305 **1st payment due before February 22nd. 2nd payment due by March 15th**

3 payments of $225 
**1st payment due by February 15th. 2nd payment due by March 15th. 3rd payment due April 5th**