Sovereign Storytellers: Creating A Wealthy Life with Human Design in 16 Weeks

You’re an intelligent woman, damn it! You try SO HARD! You’re manifesting results for family, friends, and clients, yet you struggle without enough reward for your efforts. You’re carrying a STORY (stories!) that is tripping you up.

  • You know what to do, but don’t do it.
  • You procrastinate and get lost in confusion.
  • You can’t seem to get started or stay consistent!
  • You follow all the rules and instructions and work harder than anyone, but things continue to spiral downward or stay stuck.
  • You know in your belly, life is not meant to be THIS HARD, and you are MORE THAN READY to learn a new way!

Do you know why it’s been so hard for you?

Because you haven’t understood, the stories about money and power you’ve been taught don’t belong to you.

Because you’ve been taught to be rampantly self-critical, making yourself wrong for who and how you are.

Because you haven’t known your unique Human Design, which contains the tools to wake up to the TRUTH within it. Human Design is a literal how-to map for how to create everything efficiently, easily, and in harmony with your entire Body, Mind, and Soul system.

You really can create a whole new world for yourself with Human Design, Quantum Alignment System™ EFT tapping, Train Your Body to Wealth principles, and more. Learning it and how to use nervous system tools is a process I’ll teach you, but once you awaken to the energy of your AUTHENTIC self and start RADIATING THE GLOW OF YOU to the world, you become MAGNETIC!

The most common reaction people have when exploring their Human Design is deep relief – sometimes tears of relief – because their whole lives, they’ve tried to fit into a system that was never designed for them.

We’ve tried so hard to fit in and belong in a culture that tells us daily that we’re wrong for how we think, feel, and function.

What if the parts of you that you’ve been trying to get rid of your whole life are actually your superpowers?

What if self-doubt was your greatest strength?

What if your need for downtime was literally required for your survival?

What if your inability to finish what you start is exactly what you’re meant to do?

What if your emotional and environmental sensitivities are exactly how you are designed? To pull in and amplify the energies surrounding you?

What if you knew without a doubt that who you are is EXACTLY who you were born to be?

We aren’t “wrong” now, and we never were.

Lazy. Slow. Fickle. Careless. Can’t follow step-by-step directions. Impatient. Too many projects. Too emotional. Too sensitive. Unreliable.

Sound familiar? These are parts of Human Design that you’re supposed to be doing but they’ve been labeled as faults or defects rather than the superpowers that they really are by those around you!

Lazy? No, Projectors need naps and downtime while they energetically support the world. Without downtime, they develop chronic illnesses, burnout, depression. FYI: traditional marketing methods leave Projectors bitter, resentful, and feeling like failures.

Fickle? Unreliable? No, Manifestors are the idea people, they’re not meant to finish things or be questioned. They’re meant to start lots of things and finish none or very few of them.

Stubborn? Too methodical? No, Generators are here to master systems. They’re built to not give up or in easily. Determination and building are their jam. They are the energy that builds the forms to hold the ideas.

Too emotionally sensitive? Exaggerating your food sensitives? No, Reflectors (and Projectors with Open Centers) are here to show the health of those systems they live and work in. They really are the canary in the coal mine. They pull in and amplify the emotions and energies of everyone around them and sometimes the whole human collective.

Careless? Sloppy? Can’t slow down and follow instructions? No, Manifesting Generators are supposed to go fast and skip steps. They’re meant to streamline systems and remove redundancy. They’re meant to have their fingers in a lot of pies! They’re meant to have to circle back and redo some steps!

The way you manifest and create a life you love is completely unique and Human Design is literally the instruction manual we’ve always wanted.

All the stories about how you’re “supposed” to be are most often wrong. You’ve been conditioned to make yourself wrong in order to comply and fit in. Those stories are slowing you down when you’re trying to create more money, more love, more health.

Until now…

In 16 weeks, we can turn this completely around. For the rest of your life, you’ll know exactly HOW to make the most efficient decisions for literally every area of your life.

We’re deep diving into the Type, Strategy, Authority, and the 9 energy centers of your #HumanDesign chart – finding the stuck energies and the old stories so you can clear them – learning tools you can use for the rest of your life to create sustainable change whenever you want – all with a group of other focused women (8 maximum)

I want to show you the map. I want to reconnect you to your POWER by understanding the methods that work best for you. I want you to meet your Inner Storyteller and feel the magical TRUTH held in your BODY!

Are you willing to remember the powers you once knew that easily generate higher and more stable wealth?

Are you willing to learn the EXACT techniques that bring your limitations to your awareness so you can consciously choose to be limitless?

>>How many times a day are you able to say you feel JOY? If JOY is the magnetism of the Universe, and it is, then shouldn’t unwinding and rewriting these stories become a top priority? A low tolerance for Joy looks like not allowing yourself to dream because then you feel happy, so you whip out your Dream Smashing Hammer and kill it. You won’t even allow yourself to have joyful fantasies in the privacy of your own mind!

Resolving this lets your Soul and Body meet, which makes you radiant, glowing, and utterly MAGNETIC to opportunities and synchronicity events.

>>How often have you struggled to be SEEN by your partners, colleagues, and even friends? Are you doing all the marketing things, hearing nothing but crickets? Are you trying to put yourself forward but then feel fear grab you by the throat and feel tension in your belly? This experience of FEELING INVISIBLE and experiencing FEAR when you try to be SEEN is directly related to the interplay of Human Design and Story playing out in your energy system.

Resolving this visibility piece means our ideal clients, friendships, and partners find us! We no longer have to search or struggle. *I meet everyone who enrolls on a Soul level way before our first call – if that weirds you out, how did you find this page again?

>>How many times have you struggled with asking for and RECEIVING help in your life? Does it trigger big shame when you have a need you can’t meet for yourself? Are you afraid to look WEAK or ugh…NEEDY? Do you have friends and family around you who would love to help, but you’d rather hire someone than be a “bother”? Do you ask for help and then feel aggravated and critical about what you receive? This looks like reloading the dishwasher or running the vacuum again to get it “right” – this inability to ask for and receive support restricts your flow in so many areas other than cleaning the house or trusting your helpers to do a “good enough” job.

Resolving this means you get to have what you easily give to others – support, encouragement, and loving assistance whenever you need it. The word need is no longer a 4 letter word!

>>How many times have you ached to truly OWN and TELL OTHERS about your INTUITION? You always receive information about people but are so afraid to let anyone know! What will people say? OMG, my family will think I’m nuts! I come from a religious background. I can’t EVEN talk about meditation, oracle cards, or INTUITION! They’ll ridicule me, and my tender heart can’t take it! This looks like recurrent throat issues, chest pressure, or frozen numbness, which leads to physical dis-ease issues related to suppressing your natural abilities.

Resolving this means learning how to USE THE TOOLS you have effectively to heal yourself and then offer the gift of the BEST MOST AUTHENTIC YOU to the rest of the world on your own terms and at your own pace. And hey…we need you out here.

After this experience with us activating and holding a powerful group space, you will know EXACTLY HOW to identify when you are off track from your Human Design Strategy and Authority. You will know when STORY is undermining your efforts, how to explore the roots of it and WRITE A NEW NARRATIVE by resuming harmony with your Human Design.

Follow the program, show up, be present for the calls and in the Facebook group, hold yourself accountable to the work, and at the end of 16 weeks, you will feel and BE more JOYFUL because you will KNOW deep down in your belly and bones that you have the POWER to achieve anything.

Do you really want a life like this?

*Wanting approval so much that you hide yourself deep inside.
*Feeling overwhelmed by so many ideas swirling in your head.
*Having a love/ hate relationship with money.
*Feeling like there is NEVER enough time to focus on yourself.
*Understanding what to do but not taking consistent action.                                        *Experiencing hot, restless Jealousy & Comparisonitis?
*Dating the same wrong-for-you-person or working with the same people just with different faces.
*Gain weight/lose weight/gain weight/lose weight ad nauseam!

Would you prefer this life?

>>Able to ask for and receive help without shame or worry about neediness (or be getting better at it!)
>>Compassion and ACCEPTANCE of who you are
>>Being SEEN is more comfortable because when you stand SOVEREIGN in your POWER vulnerability is no big deal – really!
>>Money flow improves because you really understand Magnetism.
>>Being found by your ideal clients improves as you relax into your radiance and allow EASE into your processes.
>>Relationships flow and communication is CLEAR.
>>Resistance to change, tasks and action steps disappears or becomes much easier to work with.
>>You have CONFIDENCE in your ability to use your SKILLS and change anything at all. Anything!

How about receiving EVEN MORE?

• Explore your intuitive capabilities by removing blocks to receiving and sharing information through practical visualizations and exercises.
• Understand why you are paralyzed by being all or nothing, this or that in your thinking, and know what to DO with it.
• Learn how to apply intuitive information to customers, clients, and relationships.
• Stop asking everyone else for permission to EXIST, TAKE RISKS, and LIVE.
• FEEL abundant and cultivate a true connection to money.
• Stop saying yes so often and start using your Sacred NO!
• Feel CONNECTED to a community of women who “get” you and can support you.
• Finally, end that battle with “self-sabotage” or the compulsion to “get it right” so you can feel powerful in your body and confident about yourself.


*Commitment to getting honest with yourself and the other women in the group.
*Self-responsible for homework and showing up ready to go. Show up with the same commitment you would give a client or your best friend! No more allowing yourself to slip away from your desires!
*To continually ask, “What am I seeing of myself in this group of human mirrors?” “How can I see this differently?” “What kind of stories am I telling to create THIS outcome in my life?”
*Participation in an active Facebook group where you will learn to ask for, give, and receive support.

We begin Monday, January 8, 2024, 6 pm – 8 pm EST

4 teleconference cycles: 3 weeks we meet. 1 week, we integrate. (no video/classes are recorded)
>all sessions are recorded, but as this is a small group, you are expected to be present most of the time for your benefit & group energetics<

$3997.00 for 16 weeks includes:

SAVE $300 by enrolling by November 30, 2023, here

*free Human Design chart AND natal Astrology that we’ll use to deep dive into your Human Design chart, all 9 energy centers plus profile lines, and your Ascendant, Lilith, and Chiron placements.
*live coaching going straight to and unwinding the STORY so you can create practical magic SOLUTIONS.
*Custom essential oil blend mailed to you geared toward helping you clear and move on subtle energy levels.
*Facebook group support and extra education on the processes of change.
*Spot coaching in the FB group.
*Introduction to using the higher vibe language found in Quantum Human Design™ from Karen Curry Parker
*Written and creative expression exercises for changing outdated thought patterns.
*Recorded meditation(s) to support you between our live calls.
*Art activities to help you get out of your head, tap into your intuition, and tap into your creative flow.

Register before Nov 30th and save $300

  • 2 Clarity Sessions ($444 value. Sessions must be used by 06.30.24) + Entry into my Energy Blessing Wheel course ($30 value)
  • 1 Channeled Reading from BE’N The Gang or Theia (our money space holder) ($97 regular price)
  • Entry into my signature course – Train Your Body to Wealth: Befriending the Body to Manifest Money, where you can access EFT sessions 2x monthly ($697 regular price)
  • Level 1 & 2 Forest Reiki™ class recording + Facebook group ($600 regular price and certification is available)

SINGLE PAYMENT of $3997 (after Nov 30th)


PAYMENT PLAN OPTION: 6 payments of 686.00

“Let me just gush on Michelle for a minute. I have been working with her for 2 years now and to say my life is COMPLETELY different is an understatement.

From depression, no job, chaos, and stress in my life — to a new home, new job and a thriving side business! Life is not perfect and I’m still doing daily practice because there is no finish line, however, the practical tools that she teaches, and that I have implemented, have helped get me to where I am today.

Her coaching and energy work was and IS instrumental for me in achieving my goals, releasing past pain and changing my limiting beliefs. Thank you, Michelle. ♥️” ~Michelle S., Ft. Wright, KY

*a note about group experiences if you feel squeamish. The power of women gathering together in this kind of container is indescribable. Every group comes together through Divine arrangement, and every single time, group members amplify growth for each other exponentially. I hold safety first and foremost. Being witnessed within a safe and nurturing group sets you free from shame in a deeply healing manner. I encourage you to consider this as an option for your expansion and learning.

Women have often said my groups are where they first experienced being safely heard and held by other women.

“Michelle’s gift is that she can see what is hidden from you and gets right to the heart of the issue. She is careful to listen to your energy and undertones. She is compassionate and gives you the practical tools you can use. Working with Michelle to clear my blocks and implement new awareness into my daily life is the best decision I ever made for myself.” ~ Bailey, Ft. Collins, CO