Sovereign Storytellers: REGISTRATION CLOSED UNTIL June 1

You’re an intelligent woman damn it! You’re getting results for family, friends, clients while this STORY (stories!) keeps tripping you up OR you know what to do and just can’t seem to get started or stay consistent! You know in your belly life is not meant to be THIS HARD and you are MORE THAN READY to expand the results and support you provide to others to yourself!

So let’s talk about this underlying mix of factors – your Body, your Mind both conscious and unconscious, and your Soul energy systems. Most glitches in the matrix come from undiscovered stories about how things should or shouldn’t be. Glitches happen when our Mind has done the work but the Body was left out of the process and the Energy Centers (chakras) are offline entirely or functioning at less than optimal levels. You think, keyword think, that everything should be working but your outer reality is telling you that SOMETHING IS OFF but you just can’t figure it out. You’re literally blind to the answers your Body is providing and that Life is mirroring to you on a daily basis.

STORY is at the core of our blind spots and STORY is driven by survival needs. Whether it makes sense or not STORY will win out every time! When you unravel the STORY creating a recurring pattern, a BIG ISSUE in one area then you will have the SKILLS and EXPERIENCE to apply to any other area now or in the future that bogs you down or raises resistance and triggers procrastination. 

I want to reconnect you to your POWER to write a new STORY any time you desire something in your life. I want you to meet your Inner Storyteller and your Animal Avatar (your sweet body) in a totally NEW WAY!

Are you willing to remember the powers you once knew?

We begin Monday, July 2, 2018, 6 pm – 830pm EST
4 teleconference cycles: 3 weeks we meet. 1 week we integrate.

In this 16-week group program, we discover the STORY driving your BIG ISSUE (the area of your life that appears to be the most stuck and repetitive). Together we’ll explore the huge tangle of Story/Big Issue as if it’s your greatest treasure chest – because it is. We will find the GIFTS it holds for you because we know your gifts come from your shadow. Then I will teach you to work WITH it so that you can take your power back and create BIG MAGIC in all areas of your life. You will experience such relief as you see long-standing seemingly insurmountable issues dissolve with EASE once you accept the GIFT its been trying to GIVE you all these years.

You will meet your Internal Storyteller through a unique process I’ve developed. You will join with the part of you working so hard spinning tales to keep you safe that you’re at war with yourself or completely stuck in your progress. (this can show up as addictions/emotional loops/stuckness!)

Through another unique process I’ve developed you will meet your Body in a new way, through learning about your Animal Avatar. You’ll learn her unique language of symbol and sensation which is the PORTAL to your INTUITION coming fully online as you come home to rest in your physical container in ways you may not ever have experienced before. This leads to the confidence and power to claim your gifts, develop your skills and start using them to enhance your life as well as all those around you.

These 2 processes together form a dynamic, fast-moving synergy of energy grounding and energy centers alignment that results in more permanent, sustainable and visible changes to your life domains like money, relationships, sexuality, career and general day to day happiness.

How many times a day are you able to say you feel JOY? If JOY is the magnetism of the Universe and it is then shouldn’t unwinding and rewriting these stories keeping your Happiness Threshold low become a top priority? This low tolerance for Joy looks like not allowing yourself to dream a little dream in your head because then you feel happy so you whip out your Dream Smashing Hammer and kill it (the video is from my Shadow Blessings course). You won’t even allow yourself to have joyful fantasies in the privacy of your own mind! Resolving this lets your Soul and Body meet which makes you radiant, glowing and utterly MAGNETIC to opportunities and synchronicity events.

How many times have you struggled to be SEEN in your life by your partners, colleagues and even friends? Are you doing all the marketing things but hearing nothing but crickets? Are you trying to put yourself forward but then feel fear grab you by the throat and feel a tension in your belly? This experience of FEELING INVISIBLE and experiencing FEAR when you try to be SEEN is directly related to the interplay of Story playing out in the Body-Mind-Soul energy systems. Resolving this visibility piece opens us up to our ideal clients, friendships, partners and even helps us connect to these people on a Soul level before you even meet up! *I meet everyone who ends up in the group on a Soul level way before our first call – if that weirds you out, how did you find this page again?

How many times have you struggled with asking for and RECEIVING help in your life? Does it trigger big shame when you have a need you can’t meet for yourself? Are you afraid to look WEAK or ugh…NEEDY? Do you have friends and family around you that would love to help but you’d rather hire someone than be a “bother”? Do you ask for help then feel aggravated and critical about what you receive? This looks like reloading the dishwasher or running the vacuum again to get it “right” – this inability to ask for and receive support restricts your flow in so many areas other than cleaning the house or trusting your helpers to do a “good enough” job. Resolving this means you get to have what you easily give to others – support, encouragement, loving assistance whenever you need it. The word need is no longer a 4 letter word!

How many times have you ached to truly OWN and TELL OTHERS about your INTUITION? You receive information all the time about people but are so afraid to let anyone know! What will people say? OMG my family will think I’m nuts! I come from a religious background, I can’t EVEN talk about meditation, oracle cards or INTUITION! They’ll ridicule me and my tender heart can’t take it! This looks like recurrent throat issues, chest pressure or frozen numbness, this leads to physical dis-ease issues related to suppressing your natural abilities. Resolving this means learning how to USE THE TOOLS you have effectively to heal yourself and then offer the gift of the BEST MOST AUTHENTIC YOU to the rest of the world on your own terms and at your own pace. And hey…we need you out here.

Sovereign Storytellers address all of these AND SO MUCH MORE! More than I can write about because each woman has her unique experience and while some things are predictable: we set a goal, move toward it to intentionally trigger stories and emotions then the work begins as we go through each energy system but there are subtle indefinable processes going on under the surface in a sweet slow transformation process that is beautiful to see! You can feel this happening as we go and for months afterward.

After this experience with us activating and holding a powerful group space, you will know EXACTLY HOW to identify when STORY is undermining your efforts, explore the roots of it and CHOOSE TO WRITE A NEW NARRATIVE working with your inner STORYTELLER and ANIMAL AVATAR.

Follow the program, show up and be present for the calls and in the Facebook group, hold yourself accountable to the work and at the end of 16 weeks you will feel and BE more JOYFUL because you will KNOW deep down in your belly and bones that you have the POWER to achieve anything.

You will be able to ask for a receive help without shame or worry about neediness (or be getting better at it!)
Compassion and ACCEPTANCE of who you are now and who you CHOOSE TO BE goes through the roof!
Being SEEN will be more comfortable because when you stand SOVEREIGN in your POWER vulnerability is no big deal – really!
Money flow will change.
Being found by your ideal clients improves as you relax into your radiance and allow more ease into your processes.
Relationships do get easier.
Resistance to the work, tasks and action steps disappears or becomes much easier to work in cooperation with.

You and the other women in this invitational space will learn how to stand in your power and become SOVEREIGN STORYTELLERS by using the flow of Feminine strength and Energy Alchemy processes rather than linear 1,2,3 models that don’t work for women like us – creatives, empaths, intuitives, introverts, artists, social changemakers, multipotentialites and leaders.

You’ve read this far because you are ready to…

• Get moving on your BIG DREAM through practical action steps fueled by FEMININE POWER!
• Explore your intuitive capabilities by removing blocks to receiving and sharing information through practical visualizations and exercises.
• Understand why you are paralyzed by being all or nothing, this or that in your thinking and know what to DO with it.
• Learn how to apply intuitive information to customers, clients, and relationships.
• Stop asking everyone else for permission to EXIST, TAKE RISKS and LIVE.
• FEEL abundant and cultivate a true connection to money so that you can explore the world how you CHOOSE.
• Stop saying yes so often and start using your Sacred NO!
• Finally, end that battle with “self-sabotage” or the compulsion to “get it right” so you can feel powerful in your body and confident about yourself.
• CHANGE CAREERS and you want to explore and open up what you want to do next!

You are done with these ways of being…

*Receive intuitive “hits” and hide them because of fear of how they’ll be received and how you’ll be perceived (no one wants to be seen as Miss Cleo!).
*Have so many ideas swirling in your head you forget you have a body and can’t settle enough to CHOOSE.
*Have a love/ hate relationship with money. Feeling like there is never enough, so you sacrifice your needs. Or find yourself mindlessly spending leading to a shame spiral.
*Feel like there is NEVER enough time to FINALLY focus on yourself (your diet, business, relationships, spiritual practice) something comes up, you put everyone else FIRST and poof… time disappears.
*Understand the BIG ISSUE intellectually and may even know what to do but can’t seem to take consistent action to solve it keeping you in an endless loop of confusion/obsession!
*Experience a hot restless JEALOUSY when you see your friends successes, can’t seem to stop your reactions and hate yourself for it.
*Keep dating the same person or working with the same people just with different faces.
*Gain weight/lose weight/gain weight/lose weight ad nauseum!
*Feeling INVISIBLE and IGNORED online and in the 3D world!

Why work with me?

Well frankly, I’m old. I’ve been around a long time and I understand human nature. I have experience both professional and personal for most of my life being a catalyst for transformation. I know addiction, self-sabotage, over-intellectualism, repetitive patterns and the devastating nature of Shame. I know how to work WITH your system when I feel your walls go up, your skeptic arch her eyebrow, when your “Yeah But” kicks in and I can teach you how to do that, too.

I know I can help with these things because I’ve spent years finding my way past Resistance, Blocks, and that special little devil Procrastination through understanding STORY! I can spot you a mile away from the look in your eyes! I see your confusion and frustration, your hesitancy and fear and constant wondering why other people seem to progress and you feel so stuck or left behind. I know sometimes you feel CRAZY and want to give up!

I’m an energy alchemist here to help you remember the TRUTH of who you really are! My teaching style uses analogies, metaphor, story, humor, and some salty language. I have a Master’s degree in Education, over 20 years professional experience as a social worker, therapist and now an Intuitive Energy Coach and I love to help you get those EUREKA breakthroughs! I live for the moments when you are easily moving through life, doing things you never thought possible through blending your intuition with practical get sh*t done skills, techniques, and energy alchemy exercises. You are a SOVEREIGN STORYTELLER and I know how to remind you of this forgotten POWER! Life is not meant to be hard in that head to brick wall way you’ve been living it!


As if all this isn’t enough there is more…

**Know more about yourself than you ever thought possible including your Chakra energy system and how STORIES live in these areas.
**You will have the tools to manage ANY issue that arises in the future.
**You will be able to stay PRESENT in your BODY and ENJOY HER!
**You’ll more easily bring your intuitive information into conversations with personal AND professional relationships.
**You’ll know when to wait and when to take immediate action.
**You will know how to keep your energy clear and focused regardless of circumstances.
**You will have the skills to stop overeating, overspending, overdoing anything.
**You will have the skills to manage the normal resistance to any change aka procrastination!
**You will have skills to start exploring giving energy readings to others.
**You’ll leave understanding the energy systems of your Body, Mind, and Soul and how to work cooperatively with ALL OF YOU IN UNISON.

Each class may have an exercise related to STORYTELLING, a chakra exploration starting at the root and rising upward, an energy tool, time to process and live coaching. I’m not creating a hard and fast weekly agenda because life is NOT linear and FEMININE POWER flows with the needs of the group. The sooner we start learning to meander and follow the flows of natural learning, the better. The women who have experienced this group are still MAKING BIG CHANGES and learning to TRUST their POWER and TRUTH even months later.

*Commitment to getting honest with yourself and the other women in the group.
*Self-responsible for homework and showing up to EVERY class ready to go. Show up with the same commitment you would give a client or your best friend! No more allowing yourself to slip away from your desires!
*To continually ask “What am I seeing of myself in this group of human mirrors?” “How can I see this differently?” “What kind of stories am I telling to create THIS outcome in my life?”
*Participation in an active Facebook group where you will learn to ask for, give, and receive support as well as what to do when you’re ASKING FOR AND NOT GETTING SUPPORT.

We begin July 2, 2018 from 6 – 830pm EST
4 teleconference cycles: 3 weeks we meet. 1 week we integrate.
>all sessions are recorded but as this is a small group you are expected to be present
both for your benefit & group energetics<

$1600.00 for 16 weeks includes:

*live coaching going straight to the core STORY behind your Big Issue so you can create practical magic SOLUTIONS.
*Customized essential oil blends sent to you geared toward helping you clear and move energy around your BIG ISSUE on subtle energy levels.
*Facebook group support and extra education on the processes of change.
*Weekly group oracle card pull and Reiki Energy Blessing Wheel to support your system in transforming.
*Potential for laser coaching in the FB group.
*Written exercises for changing outdated thought patterns.
*Recorded meditation(s) to support you between our live calls.
*Art activities to help you get out of your head, tap into your intuition, and tap into your creative flow.
*Yoga Nidra meditation to increase the ability to stay PRESENT and EMBODIED!
*one or more group Zoom sessions (time TBD and being visible is optional).
*much more may be added as we go!

Register by June 10th and RECEIVE over $500 in BONUSES:

Save $100 off the enrollment price if you choose the SINGLE payment option by Dec 31st!
1 Serendipity Session (brainstorming and planning plus MAGIC!) ($100 value)
Entry into my Shadow Blessings course ($197 value)
Entry into my Energy Blessing Wheel course ($30 value)
1 distance Reiki healing session with recorded mp3 and oracle card reading ($100 value)

Single Payment of $1500 by June 10 for early bird bonuses ($1600 thereafter)
4 payments of $444 (1st payment due at registration and before June 10th for the bonuses then every 30 days until fully paid)

*a note about group experiences if you feel squeamish. The power of women who gather together in this kind of container is literally indescribable. Every group comes together through Divine arrangement and every single time group members amplify growth for each other exponentially. I hold safety first and while hearing truth and discovering how a story has driven your life can be can be painful, being witnessed within a safe and nurturing group sets you free from shame in a deeply healing manner. I encourage you to consider this as an option for your expansion and learning.

“Michelle’s gift is that she can see what is hidden from you and gets right to the heart of the issue. She is careful to listen to your energy and undertones. She is compassionate and gives you practical tools you can use. Working with Michelle to clear my blocks and implement new awareness into my daily life is the best decision I ever made for myself.” ~ Bailey, Ft. Collins, CO

Sovereign Storytellers

“Let me just gush on Michelle for a minute. I have been working with her for 2 years now and to say my life is COMPLETELY different is an understatement.

From depression, no job, chaos, and stress in my life — to a new home, new job and a thriving side business! Life is not perfect and I’m still doing daily practice because there is no finish line, however, the practical tools that she teaches, and that I have implemented, have helped get me to where I am today.

Her coaching and energy work was and IS instrumental for me in achieving my goals, releasing past pain and changing my limiting beliefs. Thank you, Michelle. ♥️” ~Michelle S., Ft. Wright, KY