Finding Your Non-Negotiable Voice

Finding Your Non-Negotiable Voice

In the movie “A Christmas Story”, Ralphie the main character and narrator is sitting in the bathroom with soap in his mouth for dropping an F-bomb. He’s there gagging on the bar of soap and his mother comes in. She takes the soap out and orders him to bed. He grumbles as he’s walking away […]

Your Heart is Not A Commodity

We treat our Hearts as a commodity, offering love in exchange for security, support and a way to avoid own thought created demons. We trade our Hearts to each other. I’ll give you mine if you give me yours and all will be well until our Heart becomes lonely for Its own Home and wishes […]

Letting Your Biscuits Cook

Letting Your Biscuits Cook

My Aunt Lorene made the best biscuits on the entire planet. It pains me no end that I will never have those biscuits again because no matter how she tried to train me I could never make them exactly the way she did. She threw flour, Crisco, salt, and milk or water into a bowl […]

The United States of You

The United States of You

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. Viktor E. Frankl As our beloved country finds itself more and more divided, I’m struck by how much more important it is that we […]

You Can Stop Being a Martyr Whenever You Want

I say the following with the most love and compassion in the world for you, me, all of us 🙂 You’re being called to wake up in your life. I’ve written about this before and am finding myself saying it almost daily. The time is now, the information is literally all around you. Wake up, […]

Please Take A Seat

One morning not long ago as I was deep in meditation I saw an image of women gathered and gathering around the earth, the entire globe, hands touching and connected, forming a web of protection. A few weeks later as I was struggling through some leftover darkness I heard an invitation and my response was, […]

If You Can Train a Dog or Cat, You Can Train Yourself!

If you can train a dog you can train yourself. If you can train a cat you are even better equipped to train yourself into making and keeping commitments to self-care because really? Training a cat? Yeah it can be done but just like training yourself it takes commitment and consistency to get cumulative results. […]

A Final Plea to Prevent Burnout:Self-care for Advocates Series End

Recently a woman I know and have gotten a cat from (Ginger Rose who is currently living with my mom in Colorado) is closing her doors to her phenomenal cat rescue and TNR (trap-neuter-return) services because why? She’s burned the eff out. Her heart has in her own words “hardened”, she has no more tears […]

Meditation Methods to Prevent Burnout:Self-care for Advocates Series 5

  “First, you should understand that it’s a process. It’s not a matter of one day, you’re living your life with a great deal of energy and enjoyment, and the next, you wake up exhausted and devoid of any energy – both physical and emotional. Compassion fatigue develops over time – taking weeks, sometimes years […]