“I wanted to give you some feedback on Forest Reiki™ –

I learned traditional Usui Reiki about 20yrs ago. I liked the attunements and the ability to feel energy. But didn’t resonate with me. It’s too rigid for my personality. I didn’t like the pre-prescribed hand positions. Also, having to constantly be thinking about pulling in earth energy and divine energy was distracting.

Enter Forest Reiki™. It has a warmth and fluidity that is deeply calming to me. When I practice FR, I just step inside the world tree. It holds me. I open the heart of the world tree inside of my heart and the FR energy just flows. I’m not distracted by pulling divine or earth energy as the world tree does it for me. Instead of the cool, masculine energy of Reiki, I’m awash in a feminine sweet, love energy.

If you resonate with Usui Reiki, sweet! Keep at it but I highly encourage you to explore Forest Reiki. Discover if there’s a whole other dimension of energy available to enhance your life/practice.”

- Forest Reiki™ from Heather W.