Total Transformation 13

This is my 13-month program of total transformation. Every domain of your life, every energy system will experience renovation and rejuvenation. You are done with struggling and are ready to understand why you cannot make progress.

We meet twice monthly, I’ll send you supportive materials every month and together we will dissolve energetic blocks, rewrite your internal rulebook and create practical methods for you to implement your energetic shifts and ah-ha awakenings. I’ll be available to you via text, Facebook messenger, and video in between sessions.

Once during our 13-month adventure, you will be invited to spend an in-person 3-day retreat with me in the forest for hands-on Reiki, simple yoga, transformative rituals, and meditations. *Your lodging for this retreat is private and all meals/snacks and materials are provided. Transportation to and from the location is at your own expense.*

You’ll have to commit 100% financially, energetically, willingly, knowing that your Ego will be doing its best to protect you from change for months. The financial investment is high, the energetic and heart commitment is deep and the rewards are priceless. You will change your entire world from the inside out.

There is no PayPal button for this program because we will need to meet twice at the end of which we BOTH decide if this is the next best path for you. We’ll be spending 13 months together and a great deal of time and energy for both of us will be expended toward this transformation. The sign-up process is purposefully slow and thoughtful.

If you would like to explore this as a potential pathway for you please book an initial 30-minute Assessment call to get started. This will be followed by a 2-hour interview and deeper assessment at which time we’ll make a final decision about our participation together.

I look forward to walking with you through this intimate and powerful 13-month total transformation experience.