Unf*ckwithable Warriors next session starts 02.02.2022

“I think I’m psychic but I don’t tell very many people because I don’t want to upset my family.

“I want to receive intuitive information but I can’t tell what’s my Body, what’s my Mind, and what’s Spirit.”

I hear variations on these all the time. Here’s the thing: Being an empath, a psychic, or a medium is natural. If you think you’re not psychic you are but it might need some work to open it up.. Being happy, empathic, and psychic isn’t meant to be exhausting or overwhelming and certainly, it’s not something we should have to fear or feel shame about.

You’re here because you know in your bones there has got to be a way to be a sensitive, empathic, intuitive person that doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and limited in where you can go and what you can do.

  • You’ve learned many shielding techniques, but you’re starting to realize they take too much work. You need energy to use them, and by the time you need them, you’re already too drained to make them work. Also, they don’t survive multi-day contact with your mother.
  • You have many crystals in your bra for protection but are starting to wonder if living under constant fear of attack is actually making you more vulnerable to energies.
  • You mentally prepare to travel or see certain people, to avoid becoming completely drained, but end up exhausted for three days afterward anyway.
  • You limit your client load to 1 or 2 per day, even though you want to work with more clients on deep levels. But you keep feeling their feels!
  • You’ve read the discussions about being psychic or intuitive and seen how they devolve into conversations about protection and hiding from life. It’s disempowering! And you’re over it.
  • You’ve learned about your Human Design Authority but it feels hard to really feel or put into practice.

I’m here to show you that being sensitive to energies, people, places, and things is a superpower. 

You’re meant to thrive and go, do, and be anything you want without exhaustion, without wishing you didn’t feel all the things, and without feeling beaten up by the world. 

You’re meant to have all the experiences with all the feels and handle them with ease.

You aren’t broken or defective. 

You’re not a weirdo that will never find a sense of belonging or being “normal,” which really means feeling at ease in all areas of your life. 

The truth is you were born with a sensitive nervous system, or you developed one in childhood due to chaos/trauma. 

You have a lot of open space in your Human Design chart and likely more than one Open Center. (Not familiar with Human Design? Get your free chart here and learn the basics here.)

The problem is: No one ever taught you how to handle your extra awareness of energies and emotions. 

It’s been forever since our society had formal training for sensitives.

Empaths and sensitives were once identified in early childhood and trained to use their gifts. But, sadly, this hasn’t been true for hundreds of years, at least in the Western world.  In post-colonial America, as far as I know, we’ve never let empathic people shine. 

Very simply: no one ever taught us how to be Unfuckwithable Warriors.

  • Instead of being identified and valued as an innate talent, your truth was ignored.
  • You didn’t get enough training to wield it, so it grew weak or wild. 
  • Maybe you were shushed, shamed or punished for talking about it. 
  • Maybe energies or presences scared you, and you pushed down your ability to see them, trying to control it by shutting down your awareness.
  • And, possibly, you taught yourself how to disconnect from the uncomfortable feelings and knowings, and now you feel disconnected from yourself, disembodied, ungrounded.

You didn’t learn that those sensations could be modulated. 

You didn’t learn how to feel safe and secure while sensing.

What you did learn is how to numb your nervous system with food, TV, books, or the internet. Later on, you may have found alcohol, drugs (prescription or illegal) worked pretty well to feel safe (until they wrecked your life).

You also learned that life is limited for you. Travel and parties are off-limits or you know that you’ll need to plan two or three days to recover from being around other people. Family gatherings are often just too damn much and you’ve found avoidance and isolation much easier.

As an adult, you’ve done trauma and shadow work, you’ve learned tapping and yoga or other embodiment practices, but still, you can’t tolerate much. 

And here’s the kicker:

You are so practiced at shutting down sensation that when you finally experience the HIGHS of love, joy and prosperity… you automatically shut those down too. Or find ways to undermine and self-sabotage.

From one empath to another, let me tell you what I’ve found works.

Embodiment. It’s easy to talk about in theory, but hard to live day by day. It works because: When we focus attention on the experience of our physical bodies, we feel emotional responses and sensations, but we don’t run from them or try to numb out. 

For example, we can allow ourselves to be aware of the electric sensation of a tight throat, a pinch in the stomach, or fidgetiness or sleepiness, for example, and learn to look for the underlying cause of those reactions. 

We can learn to let all the awareness exist, without layering our fears and anxieties on top of them. We can feel empowered by the variety rather than fearful, depressed, and overwhelmed.

Is this making sense to you? 

Are you ready to train your nervous system to become unfuckwithable?

How do I know this course is a good fit for me?

  • This course is for you if you’ve done trauma work and dealt with your childhood wounds but are still struggling with addictive or compulsive patterns of numbing or checking out.
  • This course is for you if you want to open up your psychic/intuitive channels in a safe space.
  • This is for you if you recognize you may be using your sensitivities as a way to set boundaries and limits with people and you’re ready to stand up and say a Sacred No whenever you want or need to.
  • This is for you if you catch yourself hanging out in Pity Party Land (this one was my favorite) and saying a lot of victim thinking statements like: I can’t because I’m too sensitive, too introverted, too tired. I’d love to XYZ but I can’t because I’m an empath. If only I wasn’t psychic and sensitive yadda yadda.
  • This is for you if you’re ready to stop trying to change someone else and take ownership of your happiness. Are you ready to end this: if only he, she, they would_____________then I’d feel better. If only_________were different then I could_________. ? Then this course is the place for you.

And, this is for you if you’re willing to give this a shot and follow the program as it’s designed for 12 weeks.

We’re taught to flinch away from discomfort and stifle joy and smother our powerful empathic natures. Unf*ckwithable Warriors is the end of that nonsense. 

We will not be referring to the natural magics of humanity as woo-woo anymore. It’s a lost awareness of what’s really normal and we’re bringing it back in ways that suit the times we’re living in.

First Cycle – we are starting nervous system training. 

You’ll receive short daily practices to connect you more deeply to your Body and your Human Design Authority. These first few weeks will likely be uncomfortable as denied emotions get to speak and nerve endings that aren’t used to feeling denied emotions wake up and grow. Just like the first few weeks of going to the gym can be painful as unused muscles start to grow and change. 

If you aren’t ready to face discomfort this isn’t the right time for you to do this course and that’s 100% OK. It’s going to disrupt the internal status quo and I’ll be there to support BUT the internal daily work is your dealio honey bunnies.

You’ll be calling in your Ancestors and other energies to support you.

You’ll be clearing your House and connecting yourself to your Land and all the energies in it.

You’ll be learning Level 1 Forest Reiki and activating it on every call to open your nervous system and soothe it through growth and expansion.

You’ll be taking a guided plant journey with Dandelion and get some nutrition suggestions/ideas.

You’ll be calling out and making space for the stories your Body wants to tell you. Old injuries might want you to know something. Your hip socket might have something to say.

I’ll be guiding you through speaking and working with all the parts and pieces of you.

There will be optional opportunities to start playing with intuitive readings for each other and/or the group.

Then we (whew) take a week off.

Second Cycle: Intuition expansion exercises. 

Becoming comfortable with energy signatures – going toward or standing steady in the face of “yuck” energies – learning to hold the world’s chaos as the eye in the center of the hurricane. 

You will be: 

Exploring holding the Both/And energies in your system.

Talking with your Shadow selves. 

Creating a Shadow Art/Sound/Writing project.

Taking a guided plant journey with Amanita Muscaria.

Then we take a week off.

Third Cycle: Visualization practices to uplevel your ability to FEEL HAPPY! (No more blocking joy because joy feels scary)

A guided plant journey with Rose. 

More talking with your Body and all the parts of you.

Integrating all the work into our Hearts and measuring our progress through exposure to previously “difficult” emotions.

Then we end with a final ceremony to wrap up and release.

Note: ALL my courses have a starting framework that changes as we go but this is our starting place for now.

This class maxes out at 11 and I expect it to sell out soon.

Let me ask you this:

Does your Body lean forward when you consider joining?

Does it sound scary, but also fun to think of leaving behind old conditioned fear responses?

Are you nerv-cited about deeply diving more into plant consciousness and talking with your Ancestors and perhaps other energies that are Body-less at the moment?

I’m steeping this course with everything I’ve learned over 38 years of practice because it’s past time for Empaths, Sensitives, and Psychics to start showing up fully in their power. 

But to do that means a paradigm shift and some initial discomfort and some growing up of our nervous systems.

Can you handle it? Are you ready? I think you are.

That said: There are some situations that mean this course isn’t for you at this time.

  • You’ve been diagnosed with Cluster B Personality Disorder.
  • You are actively working through a recent and/or significant traumatic event(s).
  • You have unmanaged Bi-Polar Disorder or any disorder that has psychotic features.
  • You’re not yet ready to say goodbye to your Familiar Bad Feeling place.

Course Details

FEB 2 – APRIL 20, 2022 [every 4th week we take off for integration]

1:00 to 3:00 pm EDT via Zoom (all sessions are recorded)

$1111 or 6 monthly payments of $187


6 Payment Plan


I don’t like group classes but I want this experience. What do I do?

At this time the course is only a group experience because the collective energy uplifts everyone and amplifies the process of change. I highly encourage you to consider joining as it is so incredibly different. These courses are unusual in that people rarely miss a live class which makes the energy alive and electric. You’re never required to share or be coached and you will never be pressured in any way to participate. Feel free to be quiet and more in the background or practice speaking up and asking for what you want and need!

What happens if I miss a class?

First of all we’ll miss you! You’ll miss the opportunity to be coached but all the classes are recorded and accessible to you within 72 hours

Do I have to be on camera?

No. We understand that being seen on Zoom can be stressful for many people and we want you to feel relaxed and ready to learn. Camera on is always optional!

What if I can’t afford it?

I totally understand this which is why I make sure to provide a variety of price points in Human Design 1:1 sessions, recorded classes, and coaching packages for couples or individuals. I have an enormous amount of high-value content available on my blog, a free Facebook group, Sovereign Storytellers podcast, and on my social media channels. All of my high-value easily accessible content can help you grow the capacity for wealth and transformation.

I need a longer payment plan. Can I have one?

If we’ve worked together in the past and you’ve successfully completed a payment plan with me before most likely yes! You can also start by making a deposit before we start and your first payment by the cut off date. It’s best to schedule a 15-minute call or email me a proposal at info@thatmichellewolff.com

I’m Transgender. I’m Black, Asian, Latinx, Mexican. I’m Indigenous. I’m a part of the LGBTQIA+community. Am I welcome here?

Yes, you are. My team and I are committed to creating an inclusive safe environment for all people. We aren’t afraid of hard conversations and are diligently educating ourselves on issues of white privilege, racial justice, LGBTQIA concerns, and those of Black Indigenous Persons of Color. I can’t promise we will get it right and we don’t expect you to do the heavy lifting of educating us. I can promise we will listen closely and do our best in every moment while recognizing there may be times our best may not be good enough and we’ll adjust accordingly.

I’m SO Ready to be Unfuckwithable!