Loving Me Sugar Free

"I know I need to stop eating so much but I just can't. I can't handle the cravings."
"Sometimes I'm eating and crying at the same time."
"I'm exhausted! I feel sluggish no matter how much I sleep."
"I can't remember anything. My life is covered in Post-It Notes."

1 bite of ice cream is too much & a 1,000 is never enough.
If you have a brain geared for addiction intuitive eating plus refined sugar will never work. Yes, I said the - never - word.

Refined sugar, and for some of us any sugary anything, is a bottle of Jack Daniel’s dressed up as a pretty pink cupcake.
It’s a pile of cocaine disguised as a deep fried Snickers.
It’s a basket of cheese fries sneakily laced with opiate-like reactions.
An addicted brain can’t clearly and objectively choose a damn thing.
I’ve gotten myself “sober” more than once but only when I treat it like the real addiction it is for me.
In Loving Me Sugar Free I’m drawing on all my extensive personal and professional experience in addiction treatment for this comprehensive program for those designed specifically for those ready to stop the madness of being addicted to a piece of food. Please note however I’m not currently practicing as a therapist, I’ll be in the role of coach and teacher, not counselor.
This is NOT a lose weight or get on a diet program although you might lose weight and you will need to make adjustments if you’re in the addict category.
For 8 weeks we will be using the kindness and compassionate curiosity of intuitive eating while setting firm loving boundaries around the foods which spin our brains out of control.

Sugar addiction is real. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Maybe it’s the substance or maybe it’s the relief we feel, but the path out is the same.
We can apply love to begin living a life free of compulsion.

Loving Me Sugar Free is for you if…

* you’re caught in shame cycles over sugar

* you keep making and breaking promises to yourself

* you’re DONE with being controlled by a food group

* you eat sugar when you don’t really want to

* you have arguments in your  head about eating sweet foods

* you hide your eating habits from others

*Your cravings are not the enemy. 

*Your cravings and current eating patterns are exquisitely designed alarm systems to inform you about the status of your energy system and the way your brain is functioning.

*Cravings are your personal “check engine” light. It’s time to pay attention to the warning.

Wait! Quit sugar forever? Have you lost your damn mind?

Nooooo! I’m crazy but not THAT crazy!

We are preparing the foundation, laying the groundwork with mindset, Forest Reiki™ energy healing, and training our nervous system to handle cravings.

After 3 to 4 weeks of preparation we’ll leverage group energy to let go of mindlessly eating a substance that brings such pain and start living a live that serves us and others!

You will be ready and dare I say excited, to do this in a way you never have before!

It’s not about forever, it’s about being in control of our choices, being honest with ourselves, how to compensate for special occasions and “relapses”.

Other things you need to know

  • You must be willing to learn how to stop, temporarily or permanently, ingesting the substance that’s destroying you.
  • You must be willing to learn about your brain’s reward system and the mechanics of addiction.
  • You must be willing to learn my Forest Reiki energy healing method.
  • You must be willing to choose to love yourself enough to be free.
  • This is NOT easy but I know addictions inside and out both personally and professionally. I can’t do it for you but I can show you the way out of being trapped and controlled by a molecule.

  • This may not work for you at this time if you’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder. This isn’t therapy and is not a replacement for qualified eating disorder treatment.

HOw are we doing this?

8 weeks of live group classes via Zoom starting Feb 20 – Apr 10 Sundays 1 to 3 PM EDT. This class will not be offered again in 2022!

Forest Reiki Level 1 recorded class (to be done before class starts)

Facebook group prompts for encouragement and to do your daily practice

Art and written journal prompts to deepen the experience of you learning to love you

FB group support and spot coaching

Tools for tracking your observations and planning for letting go of sugar temporarily or permanently

Recorded resources and YouTube playlist

*options to book at a discount with other practitioners who can round out your experience:

Crystal Medium & Matchmaker Courtnay Francis
Master Certified Coach Mary Vernal
Bespoke Jewelry & Talisman designer Lynorah Carter
Intuitive Certified Aromatherapist Catherine Robinson
Psychic Healing Medium Heather Westmoreland

are you ready to join loving me sugar-free?

“I found that when I decided to go on a “no-sugar” diet it was easy. No panic at the thought of “DIET START DAY”, no last minute shoveling in of all the treats I was fixing to not eat and NO anger at myself or the world for denying myself sugar. No grumps, no fuss. Amazing!” ~ C.R. – Missouri

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